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AuroWATCH - An Overwatch team kinda based off of the NSS Aurora Community

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We Overwatch now.

Ensure you read the announcement section to understand the guidelines I expect from team members. Obviously, the rules are still in their alpha phase and could likely use improvement or additions (not to mention rewording to be infinitely less passive-aggressive, but honestly who cares?), but I'll wait and see if I identify any issues before I start cracking down on said issues. Above all, though, if you do not play or have Overwatch, I'd request you not join the discord. You are required to identify yourself in some manner so it's recognizable, otherwise I'll remove you if nobody knows you.

This isn't to say that I'll remove newbies that fully intend to embed and play with us, though I would request those specific folk introduce themselves to me in DMs. Please communicate, all I ask.

Also, I need Blackwatch officers, which are effectively both channel mods and team organizers. Feel free to apply, looking for specific mindsets, though. You must be dedicated to fulfill those duties to some extent!


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A 6v6 Competitive ShootyWhatsIt with 20 different characters with radically different abilities made by Blizzard, the people who brought you Starcraft: Broodwar.

It's like TF2, but more streamlined, has overall better balance, and significantly faster and more dynamic.

Also it has a story written by the Blizzard writing team, which is quite nice but doesn't effect gameplay in the slightest.

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