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My Internet Issues


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Alright, so if anyone truly wants to know why John MacGregor (me) randomly passes out all the time and sometimes doesn't come back for the duration of a round? It's due to my internet. Let me explain.

I live in the backwoods of a town called Delmar, and unfortunately my street doesn't get served Comcast or GoogleFiber, so we had to rely on satellite internet in the past. Now, we use our phones as internet. How? Well, we use USB data cables to plug into our computers and our phones, tethering both to each other. THen we use an app called PDANet for Android to modify the connection between the phone and the mobile carrier, so the computer essentially uses the data as internet. And my internet has been going in and out recently due to storms and my data plan almost running out, or about to get there. Unfortunately, when it does go out, I'll sometimes be on IMVU (my chat site game thing) or on BYOND playing Aurora.

I don't want it to come off as me slacking off or anything, but that's what's been going on.

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