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I bring sprites, first off! I didn't do these aside from some very minor touchups.


These come in V1 and V2, V1 being the original DC-17m variant from Star Wars Republic Commando with a slight twist, the concept of a grenade launcher was found to be effectively useless in SS13 and it would be way too ridiculous to balance an "anti-armor grenade launcher" that in terms of the game balance of SWRC, shreds and instantly kills anything short of an A-DSD or heuristically programmed combat droids that literally dodge oncoming ammunition of any sort being poured downrange. Thought about doing a recolor for V2 and make it Syndicake-ified. Whereas V1 is the NT version.

In terms of acquisition, I was plotting on ONE maximum set spawning in the ERT section, with research being able to produce individual parts (harness, carbine/rifle parts, et cetera) and the baseling DC-15s with high enough levels and a lot of resources. It'd basically make it Lawgiver-tier levels of accessible, but at least it'd give mining, antags and security all an invested interest in doing their part for research.

I should note, as this is a specialist sort of weapon, a specific kind of harness is required to utilize the weapon's functions properly, not too dissimilar to how Colonial Marines has their smartgunners organized. In order for primary HUD functions to work properly, a belt harness and a tactical ICWS HUD is required for usage of the DC-17m weapon series. The belt harness itself has a fair amount of pouches and pockets for ammunition and part storage for each of the weapon modules.

So instead we decided on an electrified vibrosword. Before anyone asks how this is possible, it's simply that by the allowance of ultramodern SCIENCE that the barrel repurposes itself as a blade with coils enravelled around it, said coils initially intended to assist in kinetically supercharging projectiles in the carbine and marksman rifle form, but now serve the purpose of not only dealing heavy sharp but also an agonizing electroshock to greatly cripple an adversary in close combat and give its operator a definitive edge. The only downside is that it requires a lot of energy to perform such devastating blows of raw energy, and the design of the blade cannot immediately generate another electroshock charge, a brief charge period is required before another proc of electroshock comes off cooldown. At the least, waiting periods would be within the 3 second range. There, I just justified why gunblades can be a thing.

The DC-15s serves as a close-range holdout pulse blaster pistol, a highly sought-after sidearm with the unique capability of a perpetually recharging capacitor, albeit the process was slow and rapid successive capacitor dumps would lead to an operator being forced to bide their time before unloading another barrage of suppressive pulse blaster fire. It suffers from significant effective range drop-off at a certain distance, in which accuracy and impact become problematic. In close range, however, it serves to be a force to be reckoned with and should never be underestimated. It comes with an optional stun option in the event lethal force is inappropriate, albeit the stun module comes with a unique effect, it delivers disruptive neuroshocks to cause temporary yet long-lasting blinding and deafening to unarmored and unruly targets rather than causing intense pain. Does not require the ICWS harness to interface or use. The DC-15s serves as the baseline weapon, and it needs to be attached with the correct parts in the correct order to fulfill the end of repurposing the weapon to suit an end.

The DC-17m pulse blaster carbine is what it is, it serves as a balanced, powerful rapid-fire weapon drawing its power from side-loaded power pack clips. While loaded with said power-packs, the size and bulk of the weapon increases, thus disallowing storage in backpacks. By default, the DC-17m in carbine mode will fire 2 precision shots on par of accuracy with the standard bulldog assault rifle. The next firing setting shoots bursts of 5, though notably less accurate than the burst fire mode of a SABER, the sheer suppressive fire is more than enough to pin down and panick an armed adversary. Carbine pulse power pack clips are expensive and costly to produce, though they hold 60 shots each. The DC-17m carbine possesses a stun mode, primarily designed to issue disruptive neuroshocks to allow for non-lethal dispensation of hostilities.

The DC-17m marksman module serves as a highly lethal extended-range alternative to armed conflict. Firing projectiles encased in pulse energy and then kinetically supercharged and propelled from the extended barrel, a well-placed shot would serve to quickly put down a target from afar and keep them down. Its incredible velocity is capable of rending through the toughest materials, primarily as a solution to power armored infantry units, synthetics and mechanized exosuits, while still being brutally effective against lightly armored infantry. When interfaced with a HUD, aiming down the electromagnetic targeting scope yields amicable results in long-range target acquisition, granting thermal vision while aiming through the targeting scope and also being able to adjust from medium to long range. The marksman module alone is perhaps one of the most expensive projects the company has sunk credits into, but the worst of it is the extreme cost applied to properly loading and producing the specialized hyperconductive pulse-encased projectile cartridges needed to fire the weapon. Only 5 cartridges are capable of being loaded into a single marksman pulse pack, and the regulation harness does not come with extra ammunition as per SOP and RoE standards, due to reasons initially stated.

The only real challenges I see at the moment are the following:

1.) Getting an interchangable weapon system to actually work properly.

2.) Figuring out exact properties of the unique snowflake projectile(s) it will fire, in addition to coming up with sprites for those.

3.) Sound effects. I've absolutely no idea if it is legal or not to rip blaster sounds from SWRC.

4.) Balancing. This is going to be arguably the worst part of it. I would certainly love (no not really) if it the marksman module did 90 damage per shot, but if it were brute then it could literally instagib heads. Burn, actually along the same lines, instead it's just disintegration. I'm fairly certain Geonosians had their little bug heads pop and explode into gore when they had a sniper bolt go through their head at light speed. So I dunno, there's room for discussion on that.

5.) S&I going off on a tangent about whether we should add shitty non-useful novelty guns that'll never get used or something else irrelevant. All else fails I'll just report those posts when they come around, I dunno.

Anyway, feedback, etc etc.

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Well you've put a lot of work into this.

My thoughts:

1. Maybe we should change the designation because we're not in a certain ancient galaxy.

2. It looks good, but maybe the Nanotrasen Version shouldn't have as many lethal features or reduced damage because you're giving it to the bald mall cops.

3. I personally don't see a problem with balance since it's really hard to make, and security comes crashing down with 2 lethal weapons an officer already.

60 shots seems a bit much though, we're not on CM.

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