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Who am I?


Glad you're asking, my name is Juna Plonski, biological age of fifty-five. I am the NanoTrasen Synthetic Overseer of the entire Grap project, from the beginning a few years ago, to this very day. I quite like my job, most certainly better than doing some boring conventional research on a small station somewhere on the edge of colonized space.

Anyway, I maintain the physical and code stability of all the units I am assigned to take care of. It's not an easy job, the main unit is bespoke and the shards are countless. I've had to reverse engineer it before even making any changes. Of course, I had some skilled scientists to help me with this one, but they also had their own projects. I've gotten quite attached to this one and would like to stay with it as long as I can. Personally, I've bought a few unshackled individuals. A bar-bot here, an IPC there. I love hearing them discuss the universe, free...

What is Grap..Null?


Null is a lawed android, originally a robot, that has been bought by NanoTrasen from a minor private security and research focused company after they went bankrupt. Unfortunately, I do not know their records or names, as I've been assigned to the project a few years after and was never bothered to check. Null's long-time memory has been wiped after it was decommissioned, so I do not know exactly what it was doing. It was probably testing some experimental energy weaponry, who knows. All Null has left from its military past is an original, custom [-?-]-class chassis. Null is operating on a special, autonomous operating system. It can adapt to any new roles, various environments, and it can learn by itself, modifying the code. Polymorphism, as some say, the usual IPC stuff.

Why all the shards?


Currently, Null is sitting in a special extranet-free AI core, in my own very office. Like many other successful AI's, Null has underwent the process of sharding. It's got three generations. The first one, Null itself. The second one, five not-really successful autonomous integrated units. They were too 'quirky' and unstable for NanoTrasen's needs, as they were based on behaviors of other units Null met during its relatively short work as a station bound unit. The third generation, I love it personally. Each unit is 'just' a shard, but up close they are all different. Efficient, cold, but displaying emotions if necessary. Lawed, but free in their own ways. Off-duty, the third generation is sharing their views and experiences with each other and Null.

NanoTrasen is not interested in, nor is planning on selling, renting, lending, volunteering any of the unit affiliated with Project Grap. That's the official decision, sorry.


Anyone reading is free to leave comments or questions, in the form of anonymous or signed, text or video feed way. Non-NT addressees are welcome as well. I may even forward them to Null or any of the shards, if asked, and then record their answers.


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