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Remove Account Hacking event

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There's a periodic event where someone's account gets hacked, and request consoles flash to notify you about it

There are several major issues with this event that lead me to believe it should be removed or reworked:

1. Money is meaningless. Right now our money system serves little purpose, and people don't often RP being upset about having their account drained. Even if they might, command staff often don't bother to tell them because money is meaningless to them too and they can always reinburse someone if they get bothered about it. All in all, nobody cares about the event because money is meaningless.

2. It uses request consoles. These request consoles are located in every department, but rarely used/ I've seen cargo just ignoring them while i ordered things through them. Nobody pays attention to these consoles unless you PDA them first and tell them to, which defeats the purpose of it.

They don't pay attention because 9/10 times, when the request console is flashing, it's due to the account hacking event, which they either don't care about, or can't do anything about. Like a lonely person whose phone only ever gets spam calls from marketing companies, you start to question the point of answering, and then stop bothering

So overall, i contest that this event adds nothing to the game, and it's existence drags down an otherwise useful feature that should be used more

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