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[ACCEPTED] - Jackboot Vaurca Application

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

BYOND Key: Jackboot

Character Names: The server has been down since I've been home so from memory: Razzledazzle Razajun-Jawdat or something, Vikakti Yaktir, Muhammad Hamil, Sirasairot Uaekis, Not'zar Izweski (Visitor), and a skrell who's name i haven't memorized.

Species you are applying to play: Vaurca

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): RGB 51, 51, 0. Also known as green.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, and worked on it heavily too before giving it to Lordfowl.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Vaurca are the last species I have yet to apply for. Before the big "remove them" push I never had an interest in them. I also didn't want them removed so I invested heavily in them and Lordfowl has given equal amounts of love for the species, and I want to participate in the Vaurca playerbase. For the Vaurca specifically, they're by far our most alien aliens. They are an ancient, proud race, but the Vaurca present in known space are refugees disembarking from their colony ships which are far past their prime. They are forced out of their safe, comforting VR and collective hivemind and have to find themselves trying to survive in this part of the galaxy that seems dedicated on keeping them down.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Vaurca are biologically and culturally conditioned to be loyal to their hive. Loyalty is as natural to them as breathing. Vaurca also come in two basic forms, Bound and Unbound. The Bound are a lobotomized slave caste used to work for and appease the Unbound, who are the typical Vaurca. They are also incredibly augmented, with their bodies enhanced to the point that they blur the line between synthetic and organic. Vaurca that work on station have been forced out of Virtual Reality and thus have been forced to find ways to entertain themselves in reality. Unbound Vaurca are struggling to find themselves in this brave new world.


Character Name:[/b ]Ka'Akaix'Zed K'lax

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Ka'Akaix'Zed K'lax was hatched in 2405 on the Hiveship Titan Prime, making him 53 in chronological years. He was designated as a Type A Unbound, to act as a servant to the Zo'ra. Within a year he had matured and been given his augments. The earliest memories Zed has are the feelings of belonging and happiness he felt as he first entered the virtual paradise and consciousness of a million welcoming friends welcomed him into paradise, and it took him many years to begin to understand the sense of smug superiority the Zo'ra held towards him. He spent several decades refining his poetic abilities and sharing them with the Hive. With no need of a spoken language he explored prose through pure emotion. After two decades he grew listless with poetry and began accessing the great virtual archives that tapped into the history of the K'lax hive, which were barely kept as afterthoughts in the Zo'ra's virtual records and hopelessly scattered and incomplete as if carelessly tossed on a table.

Though literature was a trivial pursuit in the wonderland of VR, he nevertheless meticulously combed through the records and created labors of love cataloguing the scattered and neglected records into coherent historical texts. He became enamored with the history of his own hive, and always appreciated the Glory of the High Queen and her wisdom; the K'lax had so much to be proud of. Zed's mind was filled with romantic ideas of the homeworld he had never known, with its mighty underground cities and their breathtaking architecture. It was beautiful, and Zed had a passion to share it.

His work never gained much traction, with the virtual Zo'ra residents at best politely dismissive of such old fashioned things, or at worst outright condescending or patronizing. He was socially pressured out of his archival work into more suitable pursuits, but the romantic ideas of the grand K'lax always remained in his mind.

In 2456 he was suddenly wrenched out of Virtual Reality. Titan Prime had entered Tau Ceti, with some Unbound being woken from VR in hopes of settling in this system, as had been done countless times before for thousands of years in the ship's journey. Zed spent two weeks in rehabilitation to accustom himself to this new world; his link to the greater Zo'ra Hive and the few other Kl'ax servants had been severed and he felt a deep and profound sense of loss at its disappearance, but eventually he was assigned as one of several dozen colonists to be settled in the system.

Unfortunately Vaurca were not welcomed to colonize as they please in Tau Ceti, and the colonists' were rebuffed and recalled. Eventually, after the Zo'ra engaged in political maneuvering above Zed's understanding, the Zo'ra began to settle in Tau Ceti, and Zed was one of the first waves of Kl'ax Vaurca to settle in Biesel.

Things were not as they should be. Kl'ax found himself in a cramped apartment in a forgotten part of a strange, alien city. Scattered and fractured elements of the Kl'ax hive servants to the Zo'ra were sprinkled all across Biesel, stuck in slums, and his great High Queen was hopelessly far away. Even his established Hive was far away in the Glorashi system, cordoned off by the Skrell. His small television bombarded him with what these aliens thought of his glorious hive: beggars asking for hand-outs, and with their overlords Zo'ra speaking for the Kl'ax in Tau Ceti as they were given no voice. This was not how it should be. K'lax was an ancient and venerable Hive. It shouldn't have to beg for anything.

Zed eventually sought to prove the greatness of the K'lax hive when he was selected as part of an employment agreement to work in Nanotrasen stations. He was given simple civilian jobs; he did custodial work for many months before he got his certificate to become a food handler and began working in food service. He worked hard and strove to give K'lax the prestige it deserved even in his own small ways, but he never let go of the romantic vision of what K'lax could be. As he returned from his workplace to his empty apartment day after day after day after day, with the entirety of his personal possessions being a small television and a book on early Tau Ceti history, he had only one recurring hope: That he would see K'lax regain its rightful empire, and one day perhaps even the Zo'ra would bow in reverence to its Majesty.

What do you like about this character?

He's filled with pride and a desire to Make K'lax Great Again, but because Vaurca don't really consider martial prowess or combat ways to achieve greatness it's through diligence and perseverance. Unless I'm an antag, then I will purge the station of the Zo'ra oppressors for the glory of the Kl'ax Empire. Antag zed: All Will Bow in Reverance To Kl'ax.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

im ok

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This application displays an adept understanding of Vaurca lore, and I hope Jackboot has enough sensibility to display the "rebellious" sort of mindset in a Vaurcesian fashion. I will not be available to monitor his behaviour for the week after I accept it, however I do not believe that should delay acceptance. Any inconsistencies present in his backstory are ultimately due to the rough nature of the lore, and in fact it has reminded me to shape more accurately at least two points on the Vaurca lifestyle.

This application will thusly be accepted.

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