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The Round of Friday, November 28th, 2014


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I as the AI quickly became jaded with the loss after loss despite my attempts to aid them. And the scores are in.

Final kill total was around ~84 to ~5 before the nuke.

~50/~55 Crew.

~8/~8 ERT Members.

12/12 Delta Squad.

14/16 Syndicate Contractors.

~94% Fatality before the bomb rate.

~5/~25 Worm heads, mostly only one active at a time, three during the Syndicate strike but the only ever met two.

~80% Survival before the bomb rate.

And there was still a worm left alive after the blast on the asteroid so given the odds. WORMS WIN! With a resounding victory.

Among the survivors of all events and the bomb blast. Samantha Mason sans one foot and Roy Wyatt who were on the original away team that discovered them. Because they were smart enough to run and hide like the motherfucking wind. Until the surviving worm found them and started hunting them.

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So, nobody had a problem with the crew attempting to rambo the antags? Clearly, that wasn't an issue with this round at all and it was all Pump's fault and he should be banned forever.

Nobody wanted to live. They just wanted to kill space worms because they thought they would get style points for it and bragging rights.

Nobody was smart about even engaging the antags. They got eaten anyway. They didn't have decent tactics. No viable RoE was in their mind. They didn't have a plan B. They didn't have any foothold or advantageous position on the station. Instead, they all got caught out and punished for being the dips they are.

This is a problem with player ability. Pump does events like this: He gives the crew a situation. He leaves the crew to their own devices, he doesn't intervene at all until results are achieved. Rinse and repeat until it's escalated so far up that it's time to end it all.

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Cowardly/survivalist-not-combatant characters are much more interesting to view whilst a conflict is going on.

Although, to be fair, when you get an antagonist thrown at you where you can't reason with it, can't use non-lethal methods against it to subdue it, or can't even run from it, there's really no choice but to fight or hide.

And then for some reason the space worms were suped up to the absolute extreme.


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