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Please stop IP banning people from my house.

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1. Use the appeal format

2. If your brother keeps making accounts, I'm afraid we don't have much of a choice but to IP-ban. The other alternative is to let someone keep creating accounts to do dumb things with, because it inconveniences someone else. It is your job to ensure your brother does not attempt to circumvent his ban.

We'll talk more about this once you rewrite your thread with the proper format.

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No, he doesn't "keep making accounts". He has used one this whole time.

No, I am not appealing for MY unban. You haven't banned me, you banned my brother's account, and then put an unnecessary IP ban in place, preventing me from playing. Maybe if you guys stopped unbanning him, there wouldn't be an issue.

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Okay. You should still be using the appeal, as courtesy, because it's procedure, and because it contains relevant info (even if you don't know everything, we can fill in the details, leave fields you don't know about blank).

About this specifically, I can already tell you your brother has attempted to multikey - shortly after being banned, our filter caught a ckey named "Ihatetheaurora" trying to connect from his IP.

We cannot lift this ban if your brother actively attempts to circumvent it, especially with clearly malicious intents.

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