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Isilithai and other security officers


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Reporting Personnel:Travis Davis

Rank of Reporting Personnel:Telescientist

Personnel Involved:Isilithai Uaekis as well as all other members of security

Time of Incident: approximately 6:30

Location of Incident:Telescience lab

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty [X]Harassment [x]Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident:I was unlawfully arrested and held by Isilithai and other security officers. The situation is as followed. I was with Roy the chaplin in the bar having a drink when I heard over my scientific radio two people where in my telescience lab, when I went to investigate I found a burning body and two heavily armed people. They told me to get rid of the body so I teleported it to med-bay in the hopes that someone could save who ever that was. Then the armed people told me to teleport them to medbay. I attempted to teleport one to surgery with the hopes that they would be locked there. After a moment the other one left. In moments Isilithai and another officer entered and began questioning me. I told him the truth, I had roy back up my story that I was in the bar and requested them to take the laser gun that the two armed people had left, as evidence that someone else was in there. Isilithai immediately arrested me without any charge and placed me in the brig. Shortly after it became apparent that I was innocent because security did indeed run into some one well-armed after dealing with them they all still refused to release me despite that I had eye witness testimony, evidence at the scene they ignored, and even found the person I had told them about. They said there was an emergency but they had already handled the armed perpetrator and the emergency didn’t even start till after I was arrested so there was no reason to arrest me in the first place. It was only after my time was over that I found out I was charge for neglect of duty because I teleported a body into med-bay. I was not given a chance to defend myself, I was in a room with two people armed to the teeth with weapons, I was not about to tell them no for fear that they will take my life, and I was attempting to save that man’s life. I was also hoping that it would alert security that I needed help without the armed people getting suspicious that I’ve alerted security. I believe that would justify teleporting a body into med-bay making the arrest completely unlawful.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: No heads of staff other than the hos, who was involved in ignoring my plea for release, where on shift.

Additional notes: I single out Isilithai because he was the one whom made the original arrest and ignored evidence. I know he dislikes me as a member of the station so I believe he choose to abuse his powers at this time. He has also assaulted me on other occasions; the S.A.D. droid unit bared witness to the assault and promised it would file a report with the captain.

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