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Lets Talk: Desensitization

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Some random chatting in OOC reminded me of something, so lets try having a discussion.

Mostly, that Gore/death is somehow considered alright for the younger, but sex isn't, and how we have all generally become use to gore.

Now, to make a simple point of things, I'll use Legend of Korra. This is a show following the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender (no, not the blue ones), and is about the new Avatar, Korra, going on adventures.

And sometimes those adventures involve people's head's exploding.

Now, as a minor spoiler, this is something that occurs in the third book. So, maybe not read this bit if you are for some reason interested in this show.

For whatever reason's, a battle arises between the main protagonist and antagonist parties, and one of the Antagonist's, who can do this weird explosion thingy with a tattoo on her forehead, gets this done to her.




Now, to be fair, they do cut away at this exact moment, and grace us with a shot of her lover's face as he gets to watch pink goop leak from the seal of her sudden change in fashionable hats.

They don't really cut away for this, however.




To clarify, that's the queen of the Earth Nation having the air sucked out of her lungs. but the scene goes on for nearly a minute and a half, as the antagonist essentially sits there, jerking off about how righteous and awesome he is while she struggles to catch her breath, more likely then not soiling herself in the process.

Now, you'd think this gets AT LEAST a PG-13. Maybe even something above that.

Oh, wait, its TV-Y7, meaning it's meant for wee babies.

Alas, something with the mildest of sexual implications can get banned in Australia (The cheeky buggers), an M (or whatever suitable rating system for wherever you are currently in the process of existing in) or shoved into the adult section to be hidden under a counter. I'd source examples, but there as so many that I don't really need to, just go find your movie collection and look at the labels.

But, hey, this is my opinion. come agree or disagree. lets make this sodding forums actually be in use.

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I completely agree with this.

For instance, the people at my school are continuously making Ebola jokes, and fail to realize how many have died to it, yet still wish it upon others.

Most video games come to mind as well.

This is more due to a failure of the media as a whole to educate new (and old) generations. There's nothing wrong with a good old shooter in which you get to blow people's brains out - studies have proven there's no correlation between violent videogames and real-life violence. However, there's a shocking lack of media which, parallel to that, actually educate people as to what these themes (war, discrimination, rape, poverty, illness, etc.) actually entail.

Do we need to revile all kinds of violence? No. People understand fictional violence is fictional - they simply aren't taught what real violence is.

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