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As the the near perfect high definition video feed comes to life, a tall figure smoking a cigarete appears before you. A cocky smile and a greenish-brown eyes adorn his well shaved face. This, along with strong arms coming out of his green tank top give him an image of a young, disciplined military officer, but looks can be deciving. In the background, three things stand out. First is the purple dusk sky decorated by the city skyline, skyscraper tops sticking from the bottom, only a glass window seperating the room from background. By the look of it, the room is a penthouse in its own right, well decorated and placed high atop the massive city.The second, an expansive sofa with two attractive, scantly dressed women sitting on it, seemingly talking and smoking. You conclude that their profession is a slur used for womenkind across the universe. The third thing, sticking out as only cheap thing in the room, are a bunch of boxes stacked atop each other, with a sticker "Ship to Mars" on them.

Tony looks at the camera with a smile and says, "Hello, my name is Tony Adams. Currently working for Nanotresen Corporation. Ask your question."

The two women in the background look at him, slighly startled, and run out of camera's angle of view. One of yells, "You're already starting?! I'm bearly dressed!"

Looks behind and turns back to the camera, "Ohh, right. Cindy and Abigail, my new roommates."

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Tony's squaints his eyes as he reads the question and says, "Well, I guess you could say that. I have no trouble finding them, I just can't keep them...", after a shrug he adds, "...I guess you can't pin eveything on me can't you? Maybe the women I date suck?"

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