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Expectations of Security

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Expectations of Security


Due to some recent and some longstanding issues with the security department some clarification on the expectations of security in regards to some common issues has been deemed necessary.

  • Try to perform your job to a satisfactory standard, especially in positions of power (security, head roles.) Minor failures at doing so will result in IC consequences, but constant, repeated failures without sense or reason can result in job bans (NT would probably not hire your character if they were completely unable to do their job).
  • Stick to the in-game Chain of Command.

Excerpt from the server rules under Roleplaying Characters. Points 8 & 9


  • As with antags you are an important part of making the game fun. Stun-cuffing and dragging to a cell without a word and held for an indefinite amount of time, has a similar effect to ganking in taking other players out of the round. Everyone is here to have some RP and fun. If your method of policing the station unreasonably shuts down the ability for other players to participate in the game. That is a problem. As it will lead to other players seeking to escalate and/or run to avoid dealing with security, (this could also lead to you getting ganked unfairly and being kicked out of the fun you were having) in any fashion to create fun for themselves instead of being effectively kicked out of the round. Consider how other players feel and how you would feel if they shut you down like that.
  • Code blue. Does not remove procedure. While it extends your right to act, you are still expected to gather evidence and be able to show probable cause if challenged later point on who arrested them and why. Failure to cover these basic bases leads to a lack of accountability and followable information if issues crop up.
  • Detain, Investigate, and Question are not the same as Arrest. Only Arrest requires cuffs to be used on an individual. Detaining an individual can be for many reasons, and only requires them to follow you of their own will to the brig. Investigating and questioning individuals that may be victims or probable suspects does not require an arrest or intimidation and violence. Treating victims and suspects violently may cause them to lash out and purposely avoid security.
  • Security is a department commanded by the head of security on the NSS Exodus which is controlled by the captain, under the oversight of the NTCC Odin as part of NanoTrasen Corporation. Within the space of the Republic of Biesel. The captain is the highest authority on the station, followed by the acting captain. Both are the commander in chief of all forces on the Exodus and outrank the Head of Security. As such the captain’s orders are to be followed ahead of the Head of Security’s Failure may lead to charges of sedition or mutiny.
  • All heads of department outrank security officers, cadets, wardens, and detectives. And are permitted to give you orders especially within their own department. So long as they are legal and not overruled by the HoS, Acting Captain or Captain. Failure may lead to charges of failure to follow orders, or sedition.
  • Outside of code red, clearing crime scenes or enacting the notified orders of a head of department. Security officers have no right to issue orders to other crew, they are the same rank as you. You cannot arrest, detain, or use force anyone who does not follow an order you give outside of the listed exceptions above.
  • De-escalation of a situation is preferred offers for non-violent solutions should be taken into consideration.
  • You are part of a crew and a department, both of which are teams which you can assist and can assist you. You should try and avoid an us and them mentality. Other departments can make your job many times easier, finding people, on site resupply, providing medical backup on site, helping you get access to areas you need to be. And are more likely to help you if they are on good terms with you.
  • As you are part of a team, communication in the security department is a must. In most cases, if a situation arises, everyone on the team should know who is enroute to an issue, who is watching on camera’s who is in trouble, and anything else that may be vital to organizing yourselves. A two officer or officer, cadet team can handle most issues. One taking the lead and the other as backup in case of hostilities or they try to run. As they can have the lead officers back, or call in that they are running before following chase with the lead officer. You will always be safer and more effective with a partner than on your own.
  • As always, if in doubt, ahelp and ask. It exists for questions and for help you are suffering from security violating the server rules.
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