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Aurora Lore Reference Sheet [ WIP ]

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

In the interest of making the lore more accessible to players, Erik and I are working on a reference sheet for all factions. It will list demographics, and eventually include more information such as economics, militaries, and a list of planets + major cities that characters would be born/live in. Everything on here is taken from the lore, the wiki, or google docs that I can find. Eventually it will be formatted, but I gave myself the deadline of tonight (december 10th) for the rough draft/idea pitch.


Table of Contents

  1. Demographics
  2. Trans-Stellar Corps and NGO's
  3. Systems and Planets

Independent Systems


Faction / Capital Planet / Capital City / Population

Sol Alliance*

Earth, [city], 35 billion

Raska Pact

[planet], Dila, 28 billion

Adhomai People’s Republic of

Adhomai, Nal'tor, 7 billion

America, United Colonies of

[planet], Roosevelt, 4.1 billion

Elyra Republic of

New Ankara, Persepolis, 1.5 billion

Thanatos, Warriors of

[No planet], Haven*, 50,000

British, New Commonwealth

New London,

*Subject to change during Earth lore decision making

*Haven is a station




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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Trans-Stellar Corporations and NGO's


Interstellar Aid Corps

It's an aid corps that provides medical and humanitarian aid to war/disaster/poverty hit areas.

It's headquarters is on Luna.

It was established after the Luna Convention of Galactic Law. Its members are protected under Galactic Law as aid workers, and cannot be shot at or hindered needlessly.

It is a proudly apolitical organization. Its healthcare workers heal soldiers and civilians of all sides, and even have a presence in some areas controlled by pirates or bandits.

It has 112 million volunteers and staff.

Long Description:

The Interstellar Aid Corps is protected by Galactic Law as a humanitarian organization. It is all kinds of illegal to open fire or attack anything wearing the IAC emblem, and doing so counts as a war crime. To keep things simple: if you understand the Geneva Conventions and the Red Cross/Crescent, this operates in the same manner. They recruit doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other support personnel to conduct humanitarian missions. They often work side-by-side with other humanitarian organizations, but that is not required. They are nearly universally recognized by their emblem: the light-blue cross.

Characters that would work/do work for the IAC could be many things: Surgeon, general doctor, aid worker, ambulance driver, or anything in a 'support' role. Actual 'staff' of the IAC would most likely retain aspects of the apoliticalness that the organization demands. Volunteers would be expected to have apoliticalness, but aren't held to the same OOC standard. Obviously things like "All [x] should die" or "overthrow [y]" aren't things that should be said while volunteering for them, but after you stop doing so all you can do is get other volunteers/workers mad at you for it.


Apex & Ft Sunder Joint Military Academies

Two facilities organized together to form the central pillars of military education for the Eridani Federal Military, with Fort Sunder training prospective officers and SEN Apex training future non-commissioned officers.

Long Description:

Fort Sunder is established on the outskirts of Oran, and is effectively the second largest military base operated by the Eridani Federal Army, next to Fort Atrix (which is located smack dab in the centre of Oran). It serves as a major training centre for primarily the FedArmy forces, however, under the Joint Military Academies initiative, the entirety of the introductory commissioned officer's school and related courses have been set up there. As such, prospective officers from the FedNavy are shipped there for the duration of their candidacy.

SEN Apex, Station of the Eridani Federal Navy, is a large facility floating in geostationary orbit above a large ocean. It acts as the nervous hub for the Eridani Federal Navy, and, despite their unwillingness to admit it, for the Eridani Federal Army as well. However, alongside sublevels containing information analysis and dispersion hubs are built multiple facilities to encompass the training of infantry. To that end, the schools there have been expanded to serve the entirety of the FedMil.


Lunar University of Medical Science (LUMS)

A public university in the better section of Luna, it has been running it's facilities for about 266 years. It was founded and lead by medical physician Dr. H.S. Cooper, PhD who recently came from Earth and had established the primary campus in Harmony City. It is one of the first few medical universities to open up on Luna after there was need for a push of medical science after the constructions of biomes were nearly completed. It ranks exceptionally well with Family Medicine, Neurosciences, Surgery, and is a contender with other peer departments with Anesthesiology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, and Pharmacology. The current dean is L.Q. Anderson, PhD.

Long Description:

Admission to the School of Medicine and Health Sciences is the most competitive of the graduate program. For the MD class entering in 2452, a little more than 1,500 applicants were interviewed out of a total number of 14,700 applicants. Approximately 300 individuals were accepted to fill 177 spots. Curriculum revisions occur each year in response to student and faculty evaluations. Additional task forces are looking at how best to develop longitudinal themes throughout the curriculum that will better prepare students for the challenges facing health care, and effective and equitable health care delivery in the Common Era.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Systems and Planets


Sol Alliance:

Sol - Earth, Luna, Mars

Planet populations:



New Ankara - Perspolis

Jedeed Isfahan - Medina

Cairo United - Bursa

Serene Riyadh - Edirne

Planet Info:

Perspolis: 1 billion - ~T3

Medina: 250 million - ~T2

Bursa: 200 million - ~T2

Edirne: 50 million - T1

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Is there a chance, however small, that suggesting The Call and the Redcoats faction into this thread would help me bypass the indecisive lore developers?


Insulting us won't make things go faster....

In any case, there are currently only two people that have expressed interest in those factions, you and Valkrae; and with all the other things happening at the moment, like the debate to bring back Earth, and reorganizing the wiki, things like that are being put on the back foot at the moment.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
Is there a chance, however small, that suggesting The Call and the Redcoats faction into this thread would help me bypass the indecisive lore developers?


No sry

Only things approved in lorechat/things I find to be approved on the forum when on the prowl/somehow otherwise discovered to be approved will be added.


Posting about factions missing or listed incorrectly would be a big help. Ideally this would lead to another look at the item in question, and a final say given.

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