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Unjobban Request: iRorschachBot

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BYOND Key: (This is your Byond login/Ckey) iRorschachBot

Total Ban Length: Indefinite, jobban from Medical Doctor

Banning staff member's Key: TishinaStalker

Reason of Ban: Infected another player with a disease after the shuttle docked because that player stole his pAI. Rorsch showed that he did not understand why bioterrorism for such a neglectful action.

Reason for Appeal: Background information: A hostile team had boarded the station and taken prisoners.The shuttle had been called and we were waiting for it to arrive. I was a Virologist, and a Roboticist (whose name I don't remember, sorry) had hit my mobile pAI to make it collapse, picked it up, and reset its owner.

I'll start off with a log of my discussion with TishinaStalker, who was pretty civil throughout. It should explain both my viewpoint and theirs pretty thoroughly. Summary at the end if you don't want to read all of it.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: Okay, what did you just infect that guy with?

PM to-TishinaStalker: stamm #2 something, the only one starting with 2.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: Why?

PM to-TishinaStalker: He'd stolen my pAI, and I planned to cure him when it was returned.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: Okay, seeing as how we don't have staff to delay the round's end, you better be here next round in the lobby or I will have to place a ban for evading admin contact, alright? We'll talk more during then.

Round change.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: Alright, so, have you read our rules before?

PM to-TishinaStalker: Yeah.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: Then why would you shoot a guy with a disease simply because "he took my pAI"?

PM to-TishinaStalker: To get it back?

PM to-TishinaStalker: As soon as he returned it I would have cured him.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: So, instead of calling Security, you decided to infect somebody with a disease, break /various/ medical rules and procedures, and essentially conduct bioterrorism?

PM to-TishinaStalker: It was hardly bioterrorism, it was an on-contact disease that I already had the antibody for.

PM to-TishinaStalker: But essentially, yes.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: No, see, bioterrorism is the intentional release or dissemination of biological agents. That was, essentially, bioterrorism.

PM to-TishinaStalker: I thought it was terrorism involving the release of toxic agents.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: That also falls under bioterrorism as it's a biological agent.

PM to-TishinaStalker: Was it really terrorism?

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: What you did? Basically is. You're seeing the issue, right? This is pretty insane, and self-antagging as a non-antag.

PM to-TishinaStalker: No, I'm not. It was a virus that I had the cure for with me.

iRorschachBot: Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: You're /really/ not seeing the issue (from a realistic perspective) behind a person releasing a disease on another person because that person stole a cheap piece of plastic from them?

PM to-TishinaStalker: You're way overexaggerating, it's more like giving them the flu (which you had a cure for in your backpack) after they stole a highly complex AI assistant from you.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: Okay, so, knowing what bioterrorism is now. You're not seeing /any/ issue /whatsoever/ behind intentionally releasing an /experimental/ disease on another person solely because they stole a cheap piece of plastic from you?

PM to-TishinaStalker: It wasn't experimental! I had the cure on my person! He would've been cured immediately upon returning the highly complex AI that had just saved my life.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: Not using the cure before and not making sure it has a 100% chance of curing makes it experimental. Along with that, you broke a pretty severe rule with your action; self-antagging as a non-antag.

PM to-TishinaStalker: I'd used the cure before, though, on both a monkey and myself.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: After consulting with staff, I'm afraid I'm going to have to put a job ban to your name. Not only is it pretty insane to test a /disease/ on yourself, you're also not quite understanding why releasing a disease is against the rules and would most surely land your character in a Sol Gov prison for it. Infecting someone with a disease with malicious intent isn't something that gets authorities to wave their hands at you and give you a slap on the wrist no matter what the situation is.

PM to-TishinaStalker: I wasn't releasing a disease, I was infecting one person, who I planned to immediately cure.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: You can feel free to appeal this on the forums. If you think it was placed unfairly, then feel free to file a complaint.

PM to-TishinaStalker: Would it be alright if I included logs of our discussion?

PM to-TishinaStalker: Heard the BWOINK noise but didn't see anything, is it alright?

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: Oh, that's weird. Your net probably made it skip. Anyway, I simply stated "Go ahead"

PM to-TishinaStalker: Ah, okay. Thanks.

Moderator PM from-TishinaStalker: No problem.

Summary, following the theft of my pAI that had just saved my life, I infected the person with a virus. The antibody was in a briefcase in my backpack, and I would have cured him as soon as the pAI was returned. Instead, I was cuffed and ignored when I tried to tell them to let me go so I can cure him (them, once a nurse stood next to the infected person for a while with no protection).

In my defense, it was a nonlethal disease that I had the cure to in my backpack. He'd just stolen the pAI that had saved my life not five minutes earlier by getting me through maintenance. There was a nuke team threatening to destroy the station. A few minutes earlier an ERT member had vented the bar and closed the hazard shutters behind him, leaving me locked in an airless room. In short this was a pretty high stress situation. That pAI was the only reason I had even made it to arrivals, without it I'd have been stranded on a station that was about to be destroyed, and this random guy had just scooped it up off the floor and set himself as the new master. Then when I asked for it back, he just walked off, completely ignoring me. Sec was off dealing with something bigger so I really only had two tools available. Violence, or the nonlethal virus which I could cure in moments. Instead of attacking him and stealing it back I went with the less violent option.

Unfortunately a single security officer showed up ten seconds or so later, I'm not sure on the exact time, I was googling the definition of bioterrorism. Instead of talking about it, they took the other guys word for it and immediately subdued/cuffed me. Not sure how they did it, but when I tabbed back, I was on the ground. When I suggested they uncuff me so I could cure the man I was ignored. When I suggested it again, as the other man (who was a roboticist) was rooting through my stuff in the security portion of the shuttle, I was again ignored. When he asked me where the cure was, I told him to let me out of the cuffs so that I could apply it. I was ignored. He then checked my blood, and went around asking for a syringe so he could harvest the antibodies directly from my blood. I wanted to ask how a roboticist knew how to do any of that but instead asked why he couldn't just let me cure him already. Again, ignored.

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Alright, here's the issue I have.

You claim that context is important here. You generally wouldn't infect somebody with a virus under normal circumstances, but because they had taken your pAI who had just saved your life, and basically acted like a dick to you while nuke ops were around, you decided it was okay to infect them with a (controlled) virus to get it back.

If we strip away nonessential details from this, we get to a core fact: you gave someone a virus because you were mad at them. Not because the situation urgently called for it, or because it was a case of life or death - the person just acted like a dick and reset your pAI.

This thus makes your reaction childish, and frankly ridiculous - it is absolutely disproportionate to infect someone with a virus just because they had taken an item from you, an item you could have easily gotten security to return within ten minutes. If anything, the fact that this was done during a situation of crisis, completely disregarding the safety of the rest of the crew by introducing a potential biohazard in the evacuation area, only makes things worse. And the stress of the situation also did not serve as a justification - I understand losing your nerve while in a panic, but injecting someone with a virus, while formulating the plan to cure them once you blackmail them in carrying out your will, is a fairly premeditated action, and thus not something that can be attributed to panic alone.

Even then, there could be some sort of semi-insane, semi-neurotic doctor in real life who just snaps and starts injecting people with viruses until they do their bidding (see how fucked up that sounds?). But the fact remains this is not something we want on here. Abuse of science and medical equipment in incredibly childish ways (using said equipment on people or refusing to treat them over incredibly petty disputes) makes the whole station look like kindergarteners, and is a huge problem for everyone right now, as too many people on here treat this game like an internet chatroom for their characters, and not their workplace. So we ask that people not act like that.

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Oh, how you skew the event to make it look so innocuous.

It wasn't a roboticist - they took "the other guy's word" because it was a Research Director, played by me. Despite any life-saving potential earlier, your pAI was being a huge nuisance by scuttling around and yelling nonsensical things at people, and the moment I bopped it on the head and picked it up (which was a relatively nonviolent way of dealing with the issue, mind you), you shot me with a virus. There was no interaction beyond a shout for him to drop it and the subsequent shot from the syringe gun you used to infect him, barely two seconds apart. Judging from the fact that you're the kind of person who keeps viruses in syringe guns during a nuke round, I have an alternate theory: you wanted to try it out and were looking for an excuse to do so, and so you took the most childish excuse you could find at the end of the round.

Briefcases do not fit inside backpacks, and even if they did, I searched every container on your person for an antibody with no success. Downplaying the issue that got you jobbanned in the first place compounded with lying about it to make it seem harmless doesn't exactly paint a pretty picture. Worse yet is that you posted with the intent to defend the very action that put you in this position in the first place. My perception of a job ban has always been that it serves to teach a lesson in how not to conduct yourself in that particular job; in my opinion, you haven't learned a thing.

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