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Battle of Empires 1914 - 1918


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So I did the thing where I bought an incomplete game because I was seduced by the concept. But I can safely say it's really good, even at Alpha stage, the game runs pretty well and looks pretty tidy. I mean it's lacking a bit in content, but there's a more or less substantial campaign type tutorial and the multiplayer is pretty fun.

Though I must say the unit selection is pretty... sub par and makes things difficult when the enemy is breaking through your lines, and you can barely keep the men organized due to how it's laid out but apart from that, I think it stands out from other RTS based games. Your troops have their own name, photo and inventory. So you can't rely on unlimited ammunition to get you through the day because they can only carry so much on them. If they get knocked over by a shell blast and lose their gun, they're not going to be too useful unless you order the individual to loot the corpse of his friend.

This even includes vehicles and ordinance, they're ammunition will need to remain stocked and if you don't have a supply truck nearby, things will get tricky. Though in all fairness, I keep to the traditional tactic of throwing as many bodies at the enemy's line until I see an opening... but eh, keep an eye on it if you enjoy strategy games or just find interest in World War One.

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