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Game of Thrones, Discord Roleplay boooooiz!

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Hola Amigos, I'm not very active so I'll make this short and sweet. I'm going to be doing a game of thrones roleplay on Discord, similar to Hive's Mount and Blade roleplay that was sadly cut short. I'll give what little detail I can here, and the rest you can see for yourself on the discord server.

It's going to take place during the war of the five kings, just before Robb Stark has declared himself King in the North. It will use show canon just because it's more accessible to more people, I'm around if anyone needs any information about the GoT Universe as I've probably got an unhealthy obsession with it.

We'll be using a diceroll system but it will be fairly basic as I'm more interested in the stories people can tell than whether they get that PRO CRIT HIT!

Anyway nerds here's the discord link, join me there if you're bored enough!

DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/7ZPhjq6

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