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Revvy's Dismay

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She awakes from her sleep, only to be greeted by the cold hard floor and the darkness that drapes across the room, suffocating any spark of light that could be had. The woman clambers to her feet, tugging against the chains that restrain her hands. She examines the room, it was small and empty. The only thing noteworthy the was the dark stain on the floor, was it blood? Was it her blood? She stands still, focusing on the sensations across her body for any pain that was indicative. As she overcame her grogginess, she could feel a fresh, burning sensation on her arm. Though the room was dark, her eyes were becoming adjusted to the environment, she could make out shapes on her arm, they appeared to be numbers. Why was this? She looked towards what appeared to be door, she examined it whilst recollecting the events before she fell unconscious. Her eyes light up in realization, before shortly turning dark and empty.

'They found me, didn't they?'

Note: This just a quick attempt at some creative writing and a little insight into Revvy's life. I don't usually write much so it won't be to the quality of some our fine Aurorians.

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