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CHS: Godswood's Practice

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Patient Network of Moren Godswood M.D.+

Board Certified Neurological Psychologist and General Physician


+Who is Dr. Moren Godswood?

Dr. Moren Valorum Godswood is a NanoTrasen certified psychologist specializing in neurological disorders and a licensed general physician. Over the last 15 years, he has worked in both public service at government hospitals, as well as with NanoTrasen both in our research facilities and hospital stations. With years in the field of medicine and psychology, Dr. Godswood is one of the foremost experts in diagnosing and treating mental illness. Working regularly on the NSS Aurora and various other Republic facilities, Dr. Godswood is available for counselling, consultation and examination when YOU'RE working!


+Appointment Scheduling


To schedule an appointment with Dr. Godswood, please fill out the brief form attached - and share it securely through this hub or send it directly to our account at [email protected] Please note, we try to do our best for meeting your requested date - but scheduling restrictions may require us to assign you a different date and/or time. Thank you for using Corporate Health Services.


Appointment Request - ENCRYPTED
[u]Basic Information
[/u][b]Legal Name:[/b]
[b]Active Occupation with NanoTrasen:[/b]
[b]Appointment Type:[/b] (Consultation, Formal Evaluation, Treatment Planning, Therapeutic Counselling, Specialist Treatments, etc)
[b]Preferred Meeting Date:[/b]

[u]Additional Information[/u]

[b]What is your reason for scheduling an appointment?:[/b]

[b]Active Prescriptions and Dosages:[/b]

[b]Dietary Overview:[/b] (Poor, Moderate, Okay, Well Balance, Healthy, feel free to go into detail or not.)

[b]If Doctor Godswood is not available, are you comfortable meeting with an accredited colleague instead?:[/b]


+Services Overview



A consultation is used to properly ascertain what treatment options may be best for you, and to give Dr. Godswood a general idea of where you are at in terms of your mental and physical health. These usually take fifteen to thirty minutes to complete, after which you will be given the opportunity to move directly into treatment planning, or another elevated service. Dr. Godswood can also consult on active prescriptions and treatments assigned from other medical professionals and suggest alterations or concerns that you may have with these prescribed plans.

Formal Evaluation

A formal evaluation is conducted annually or semi-annually depending on the specifics of your contract, as well as at the beginning of your employment with NanoTrasen. At other times, these are done only at the request of corporate officials or the patient themselves - and generally represent a formal determination of whether a patient's mental state will affect their ability to serve as an active employee of NanoTrasen Corporation. These are conducted rigidly with the purpose of providing a light diagnosis of your current mental health condition, and do not represent any level of clinical treatment.

Treatment Planning

Treatment planning is arguably the most important part of your journey to practicing mental wellness and taking care of your mental health. Following a consultation, Dr. Godswood will provide a draft copy of a three to ten level plan on approaching your issue, specialized to what you have discussed with him. At any time, you are able to provide feedback and request alterations be made to your treatment plan. Treatment plans can but do not always including: prescription medication, prescribed procedures such as hypnosis, isolation or chakra therapy, dietary alterations, exercise and fitness goals, activities and engagement goals.

Each plan is tailored specifically to you, your case and your abilities, and all treatment plans are re-evaluated on a monthly basis to ensure that you are properly progressing at the rate you are capable and comfortable with.

Therapeutic Procedures

Following recent additions to the NSS Aurora, Dr. Godswood is now offering three state of the art therapeutic procedures for patients suffering from a wide variety of issues.These include hypnotic therapy, isolation therapy, and chakra therapy. Hypnotic and isolation therapy may be requested without consultation or prescription, but chakra therapy is only used when there is a diagnosed medical ailment to treat.

Hypnotic therapy generally entails a relaxing session of guided and stimulating meditation, followed by Dr. Godswood putting you under a hypnotic trance. In this trance, the power of suggestion will be used to encourage slightly modifications in behaviour or thought process to ensure that when you awake, you will be in a mood more conductive to your mental well-being than when you went under.

Isolation therapy is not for the feint of heart, and requires you to sit in a room with an active metronome, with limited to no interaction with the outside. This is meant to give you a period to reflect within yourself and provide a chance to enjoy healthy meta cognition. At all times you will be monitored by a medical professional and will have the ability to request to be let out when you feel you are ready to complete the therapy.

Chakra therapy is the usage of super-powered phoron crystals in a centrifugal manner. The crystals are energized and rotated at rapid paces around the body, and this is shown to help realign the electrical and chemical signals within your brain and can treat a variety of traumatic injuries to the organ. However, this procedure does entail risk of blood intoxication, or mild burns due to the nature of energized phoron crystals - and is not open to patients who have not received an applicable diagnoses to warrant it's usage.

Counselling and/or Therapy

Regardless of what term you use, counselling or therapy is the building block of most treatments. During counselling you will engage with your certified counselor in a patient-focused dialogue. Open-ended questions will sometimes be asked by the counselor in order to give you the necessary foundation to express your thoughts off of, however the success of counseling in the end heavily relies on your willingness to be open, honest and free with both yourself and your treatment professionals. During these sessions, everything short of admission to serious criminals acts is within the confidence of professional, ethical and legal confidentiality regulations.

Prescription Medication

Medication is used when the patient and the doctor believe that it will benefit the patient overall through the course of their treatment plan. If prescribed medication, it is important that you take it as directed at the correct times and dosages. A variety of medications have been approved for production and prescription to patients, and it may take you and your treatment professional time to find the right medication for you if that is the route that you decide to take - please note that all of the currently approved medications have their own side effects and withdrawal symptoms which should be considered before and while taking these medications. If you experienced and are not able to manage serious side effects or withdrawal symptoms, stop taking your medication and contact the prescribing doctor.


+Mental/Physical Health Resources

+Questions and Answers


If you have a question, you're free to ask it! Just contact us directly and we'll try to answer you as soon as possible. Do not post questions on this hub, thanks!

+Professional Affiliates

This section is a work in progress. It will list a variety of psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, religious chaplains and medical doctors that are trusted colleagues of Doctor Godswood. If you are a medical professional and wish to become a Professional Affiliate, contact us directly.


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Hello, thank you for coming to my page! I've recently had it updated to include on-site appointment scheduling and to list some of the various services that my office offers. All employees wishing to talk about their mental health or wellness are encouraged to schedule and appointment or approach me during a shift - your mind matters!

Have a great day,

- Moren Godswood

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