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Tasers, Just How Effective


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Well, I wanted to bring up the subject of during a nuclear round, I was one of the operatives, we had broken into a window in maintenance, and when Security showed up they immediately started shooting.

That not being the actual problem (aside from him being completely Rambo) The main problem is that he unloaded three shots from a gun that shots that fired stun shots. After the first shot I returned fire with four shots from an energy carbine, thinking I could get him before he got me.

Apparently he wasn't even slowed, nor harmed at all by four stun shots from this energy carbine. In fact, he was able to go from Xenobiology Maintenance, all the way into Security and continues his marry way to later kill other operatives.

What I am curious about and looking to complain about (But I doubt this is the right forum location) is why this happened, is there a percent chance that the Unathi (which was the officer) do not get stunned? Is it Security armor that provides more protection? I'm curious as to why this be so heavily outweighed in combat.

Also from my time playing as a Syndicate Op, it does seem that they are very easy to handle (Especially with some of the less than competent members) Considering Security's Insta-Stuns for days concept of people becoming essentially Rambo. Though I understand -that- is a completely different scenario than the one I originally am posting, I just am giving my thoughts from a standpoint and experience I've seen. And just question how the results ended as they did.

The main take-home question from all this though, is just how powerful is a taser, energy carbines, and energy guns set to stun. And does certain armors have a higher chance of protection against these? I'm not even looking for specific armors and percents, I'm just wondering in general.

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