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server issues?


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Yeah, a grief squad rolled through and I haven't been able to connect for about 30 mins or so; wish someone would just hit the button on the box so we can be done with this.


Man, I'm dying to know what happened that round. I know there was some kind of bombing, but I didn't get to see what happened before the server was restarted.

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Yeah, but that wasn't the worst part of it. We believe the reason the server actually went down was due to either Denial of Service with a very strong computer being able to do so, or Distributed Denial of Service attacks with the amount of raiders hitting us.

So, obviously, this was a coordinated attack. More than likely, someone got pretty buttmad on reddit and decided to spearhead an attack that ended up being pretty useless in retrospect. I heard mentionings of VPNs from Tablespoon, but that's about all I know at this point. Whatever happened beyond DDoS is all just speculation.

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