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[Completed] Hunter Scofield's Pocket Watch

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BYOND Key: Smifboy78

Character name: Hunter Scofield's

Item name: Pocket Watch

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Personal item carried by character most places; due to his near-OCD-Professionalism, he likes to make sure he is on time. Could also be used to check the time more quickly then pulling a PDA out of your pocket (speed and efficiency is key).


Item function(s): Same functionality as a wrist watch (already in game), but more practical and convenient. Not wearable on wrist (hands).

Item description: It is a small item. It appears to be gold-plated, with the initials D.M.S on the back.

Item appearance: I'm horrible at spriting, but I figure with the amazing sprite work I've seen, a small item such as this will not be too much trouble. Here's some motivation: clicky (Chain would be kewl but not necessary. Also, the cover can be closed, so you don't have to sprite the Roman numerals or arms.)

Additional comments:

Really excited for some feedback!!

P.S. Won't be on for a little while, away for Christmas!


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