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Lands of Legend


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Lands of Legend is a some kind of Medieval-Fantasy-RPG wich contains monsters, different races, NO classes, loads of weapons, RP, an Inquisition and Ratmen. Oh, did i mention it contains loads of languages to learn and speak?

As you join the first time you are promted to create character and you can choose from many races including Humans, Giants, Dwarfes and Ratmen. When you finished creating your char you spawn in your respective spawn area and then are all on your own. There are no quest like in other games such as WoW. You make your own guest. You set yourself a goal and follow it. Annihilate Humanity? Do it. The gameworld is literally never "wiped" wich means your characters save and age up untill the server wipes or you die of old age. It is kinda fun to play with a group and build yourself a gigantic town or maybe an impressive castle. Following some screenshots:




Here you see me, The ratling king, with my trusty Maul Narthu'um




And Here the Description as it is on byond.


Ask me anything you want to know more. Abendroth and Me are already playing! Join us in the Lands Of Legends!

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