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Hearing Damage + Radio Equipped Ear Muffs/Ear Defs


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So this is a two fer one, but they are both part of one and the same.

Radio Equipped Ear Defenders (Ear Muffs):


So this first suggestion is a version of the Ear Muffs/Ear Defenders, which is equipped with a headset, allowing you to protect your hearing locally (Explosions, Shooting, Etc.) But still be able to communicate via radio.

Changes to hearing damage:

In conjunction with the above suggestion, I would like to suggest more ways of damaging a persons hearing, be it from operating a mech, using equipment like mining drills. Certain engineering machinery. Heavy machines such as the exosuit fabricators?

A suggestion from meow is that with certain tasks use RNG to do a roll for the chance of hearing loss. I.e. if using mining drills, constant use would run a high risk of hearing damage, but intermittent use, would have a lesser risk.

Having more things that can damage a persons hearing would in turn lead to more use and more of a requirement for Ear Muffs/Ear Defenders.



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