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  1. Yes please. Could potentially make it an Atmos thing too if someone wanted to touch the code. >.> Like have a can of pure oxygen in the cryo maint room, and from that have pipes through medical to like output valves on the wall that you can click-drag a patient wearing a mask too. 🙂 And then for medics/mobility a “medical oxygen” bottle the size of the emergency ones that can just be shoved in suit slot, add a mask and go-go-go (would need coding to negate the CPR clear mouth requirement.
  2. Witnessed them in a round as interim. Did pretty well, was always trying to maintain communications, got involved where they could but also stepped back and delegated. Have a +1
  3. Had a chance to observe/participate a few rounds with Miracae/Erica as CE and I’m happy to give my support. (updated original post)
  4. So after another person getting red-misted by elevators I had some thoughts? Elevator Emergency Lockout Controls: Bit of a two fold thought, lockout controls, a control panel at each elevator bank and/or a console in the CE's office (or program on the command consoles?) to allow lockdown of an elevator. To lock the elevator itself to a level, emergency control of the external doors, etc. Emergency Exit Button / Motion Sensor: Add an emergency exit button to the bottom of each elevator shaft so that if someone gets trapped they can trigger the doors to unbolt and let them out? Or a
  5. Played along side Erica a few times! And haven't really got anything to fault 'em on other than a tendency to rush headfirst into danger which has resulted in their unneccessary death a few times. But in general has been very good at their role! Unfortunately I haven't really seen them take command initiative because I'm normally playing that command role. However, I would like to see them given the chance to step up and I don't doubt their ability. I'll hold a +1, until I have a chance to see them in role if they get a trial, But I think Miracae is capable EDIT - 17JAN: Been able
  6. Less taking out Tcomms in general and more taking down the NTNet server takes it down along with all other console based things. I do believe
  7. Most people have summed it up. but I have played alongside Val a hell of a lot, especially since I eased back into using my whitelist as CE. They've helped me as much as I've tried to help them. They put alot of effort into helping those around them and doing what they can to help progress the round within the relms of reality and feasability. On the occassions I've seen them put into "command" positions, either defacto assumed or assigned interim they have proven themselves more than capable in my eyes, they naturally end up able to lead situations with regular and new engineer players al
  8. Played a few rounds with Tavarr as RD, and for the most part I feel Cylean has done a pretty solid job IC and OOC and I share agreement with the view points expressed in other supporting comments. I've found them to be generally communicative, shows use of initiative and frequently attempts to engage. On a few occassions earlier in their trial I did find them to be a little bit overbearing in crisis situations, but that is still with the bounds of IC and could be understood in the situations. However I have still found this to have improved throughout their trial. Overall from me it's a
  9. It was funny. xD They are really common as warehouse spawn loot, and probably was some hiding in maintenance somewhere. But the one shift I could have done with one, it was just nowhere to be found.
  10. Thanks, I’m glad people like them. The pull request is up so now it’s the waiting game
  11. Only played a half round so far and it's been.... interesting. Not really sure where I stand with it. Honestly, I found it a bit too jarring/difficult to work with but probably one of those things that would mostly take getting used to?
  12. FINALISATION! Based on feedback recieved. I've managed to finalise my suggestion and prepare it for a PR. I have nixxed my idea for EMT backpack for now. So my suggestion currently only overhauls: - EMT Jumpsuit - EMT Chestrig/Vest - EMT Jacket Vest: Jacket:
  13. Can't hurt! Will take a look. You mean like a two-tone?
  14. Mmm. Been holding off on posting on the forums. Because I haven’t really been able to elaborate. Personally I think merging the various titles will help more than hinder at this stage. I.e EMT -> Doctor/Surgeon/Pharmacist-> CMO I’m not too fussed whether we keep current title theme or “sci fi” them up a bit? *shrugs* Perhaps - Medical Trainee/Intern - Medical/Rescue Technician (Paramedic) - Medical Officer (Doctor) - surgeon - Chief Medical Officer I’m not really sure what title we could use for a mental health specialist which isn’t the
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