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More (or less?) xenoarchaeology equipment

Alicia Jewel

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I've noticed that the xenoarchaeology area has three equipment lockers but only two excavation suits. This can be fixed in one of two ways, I think: either add another excavation suit to the xenoarch room or remove one of the lockers and only allow two xenoarchs to join per round (though I'm not sure how that would work since it's just a Scientist title).

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Those work, but do they protect from "exotic alien energies"?

Fun fact, Excavation suits don't really do that great of a job of keeping exotic alien energies out.

You want an Anomaly suit and latex gloves for that.

Also, double fun, an Atmos suit is actually much better for dealing with exotic alien energies, and a mining suit is probably better overall due to it's slightly better speed.

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Someone should probably fix that, then, because being vulnerable to exotic alien energies in a job where you dig up exotic alien things is... well, it's just wrong. I get that the Anomaly suit is supposed to offer more protection, but give us something, at least.

The Xenoarch suit is perfectly good for what it does, which is retrieving the Artifacts and Anomalies. It provides protection from pretty much all the passive energies of the Anomalies (If used with gloves). Testing for activated effects is another story.

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Excav suits are pretty robust. I think it has a 60% resistance to anomalous effects, along with 100% radiation immunity. They're the hardsuits engineering wished it had for setting up the engine. Pretty slow though.

http://i.imgur.com/AfNr6A1.png are the values. Don't think atmos suits actually do anything, unfortunately. With a full orange suit, you have 110% protection, up to 130% with latex gloves and science goggles, so those aren't actually necessary.

Considerably lower 50% protection with the yellow suit. 60% with latex gloves, which I'm just assuming every scientist has on at all times. Maximum of 70%. It's pretty good protection, honestly. The only time an excav suit failed to protect me long enough to get to the outpost and switch into an orange suit was when I ran into that proximity area teleport artifact. The one that teleported everyone standing within x range of it to a random location. That one was awful and no one could get near it. It later spaced several people visiting the outpost. artifacts.

As for the map, a third suit would be amazing. Two-suits has bothered me since literally forever, but I make it a rule not to touch the map ever.

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