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  1. duck

    More Vampires

    As far as I know, vamp abilities should be working now. I don't really get how people are messing up vampires though. They've basically got a more spammable area parasting, and hypnotize prevents calling for help over the radio. I did nerf glare-- it would have radiosilenced people previously but I thought it'd be overwhelming maybe. Could add that back? They're kind of already ganking machines. Fully drain one body and you get-- thermals! Plus shapeshift and cloaking, which does not really work. Okay. I can see how we might want to move some useful stuff here. Drain two. Bats, screaming, the ability to give people space cancer with a touch. Shadowstepping. You start getting your big guns here. Admittedly, I kind of nerfed scream maybe a little too hard-- it costs 90 blood. It was originally like 30. Should it be dropped to like 45? This would give vamps a very possibly stupid amount of firepower. Oh, and your rejuvenate starts to heal you. Drain three and you get jaunt and enthrall, which makes you a threat roughly on par with a wizard-- as long as you have blood. Sip a fourth and you get the full xray vision, plus being able to resist the chaplain's null rod and use vamp powers in the chapel. If vamps start killing, they'll get a lot of power and fast. If they take babysips, it's going to take a long time to get to the point where you can, say, put down an entire security team. Which powers should be moved where? Should we decrease blood costs? New power suggestions?
  2. I like my NT like I like my coffee. I don't like coffee, but I like the idea of it. I prefer hilariously greedy buttgoblin execs to boring paperpushers, realism or no. Space like in general fits my views best as a lawless wild west, and this whole 'you'd never get away with being this completely terrible' stuff that people like to pull takes away some of the dimension from the game. because you are in space. space is really big, and there is enough space for everyone in space. even the sol alliance, which has its own space to manage. the sheer impracticality of policing space has to account for something (oh no. some corp faraway in their own little bit of space is funding terrorists to attack its own people to make them work harder or something else stupid enough you could expect nt to fund it. whistles are blown but-- who cares? every organization can be expected to have its hands relatively full dealing with its own stuff. if a station of 50 explodes, there will be no coverup. nt's pr team will make a spacetube video of a guy saying 'i'm sorry' with really sad music playing, and then they'll pull 'unforeseeable complications came up that we're very sorry we could not prevent' and then they'll be like 'but on the bright side we have their genetic records on file and because we care so much for our employees we are personally going to foot the cloning bills because we believe in doing what's right." and then the people who see that will be like, 'oh. nt is so nice. shame what happened. at least no one died forever.' and then the nt execs roll in golden bathtubs full of money and they high five the pr team because they solved the pr crisis with a homemade video and like three hamburgers worth of meat and a little electricity. Grimderp is extremely stupid. I agree. But good is kind of boring, and tongue-in-cheek evil is fun. Like evil wild-westy mayor evil and not 'i'm so powerful you can't do anything ever because i have all this money' evil. I like to think NT has a ten gallon hat and a goatee.
  3. duck

    Nerf infections

    At the moment, brute inflicted wounds are easily disinfected by biogel, which automatically calls the disinfect proc on that wound. The advanced ointment does not do this and salved wounds have a roughly 2% chance per tick to disinfect by itself. Also note: this is only external organ infections, not internal. I don't feel like looking at internal but it's a little different. Propose: Bumping that 2% up to like anywhere between 4-10% so applying medicine has actually decent odds of curing you before you start melting; make advanced ointment autodisinfect like biogel or whatever it's called seriously okay. Infection speed at the moment works like this: It calls an infection check in handle_germ_sync and if you fail it, the wound is infected. Then you start taking a steady germ level + every tick. Which would be fine. but then it calls handle_germ_effects. Before infection level 1, there's code that periodically removes germ levels to stall it. Once you hit level 1, that goes away. And then things start to compound quickly. level one: if(prob(round(germ_level/10))) then you gain a new germ level the same tick on top of your once-per-tick from before. level two: you take a further 100% +1 germ level every tick. plus it has a 30%-100% chance to spread to parents and children of that limb. presumably, once you have a cluster of infected level 2s, they will spread back and forth to each other, compounding the infection speed by up to two more germ levels per tick. level three: 100% germ level ++ every tick. at this point you are pretty much dead. goodbye. #define INFECTION_LEVEL_ONE 100 #define INFECTION_LEVEL_TWO 500 #define INFECTION_LEVEL_THREE 1000 these are the numbers where your infection level changes. anything below 100 is level 0, and you take less than 1 per tick. after level one, you take two per tick, which probably advances faster than lv. 0 -> 1. after level 2, you take anywhere between 3-5 per tick and it spreads. after level three you are done. also, spaceacillin is actually pretty effective at reducing infections so maybe we should make it more effective. i don't know.
  4. the deathripley was coded with silly attacktexts as a joke and it never did any damage on any of the primary codebases. okay. odysseus's syringe gun chemscans already do let you inject chems into sleepers and syringes. mechs are probably not getting thermals also. shield, plasma thing and hand are cool though.
  5. changeling large organic needles use spaghetti snowflake codes to do. the rest of the weapons show up as what they are named and i don't really think the formula is worth changing. so unless you want changelings smacking people with large organic blades (think of the children) we need actual suggestions for how to fix instead of 'please fix'
  6. duck

    Attention traitors

    i already touched it okay. maxed out radiation will now do approximately 50 damage over a reasonable length of time, plus maxed out rads will ko you like before. this seems pretty reasonable to me. if a little low. okay. this with 10 toxloss from two ebow shots is pretty much 70-80 damage over a nice block of time. pretty reasonableish. also i got rid of the *collapse spam.
  7. I like my wizards deadly. They're the only antags that are really bragworthy of bagging, unless you can do like a whole nuke ops team by yourself. The difference between a major-league antagonist and the kiddy pool has always been mobility. Balance has never been part of the wizard equation, and an experienced wizard can easily murder an unprepared station, the ert, and their next of kin without taking a scratch. Which is not to say they're invincible. You just need to be smart about it. Two taser shots will put an unawares wizard down unconscious. No teleporting, no spells. Out for long enough for you to get up and retase even if you've been MMed. Just need to dodge the glowy homing slow purple balls for long enough to give the wizard the zaps. Alternatively, it should be noted that dying isn't dead.
  8. I am all for the trial rounds if we can talk skull into it. We should make an online petition. 1138: i hope you are being dense for the sake of being dense. i really don't feel like explaining how adding rp values works. again. if you want to compile a list of things that 'don't add to the atmosphere of roleplay,' we can start with eswords and move on to, say, pepper spray and then onto all the extraneous improvised weapons lying around until we strip everything fun out of the game. the watered down version we're proposing for sec is not gamebreakingly powerful or a gamechanger. they're a cool option. i had to delete the rest of this paragraph because it was getting too condescending and i don't want to talk down to you. please, tell me you can think of at least one scenario forcegloves can throw off-kilter. it should not be very difficult. brage: stay beautiful rusty: i appreciate your faith but i have no idea what i'm doing and that has never stopped me from doing things canon: yes please.
  9. i coded this because i want sec to kill people sue i need the sprite dmi though ltl rounds: weakbullets. 10 brute, 60 agony. it took everything i had not to make it 15 brute so we'd have bones snapping like twigs everywhere you're welcome lethal rounds: midbullet 2. 25 brute. detective bullets. okay. flash rounds: i had a lot of fun making these horrifying and terrible so: these do 5 brute. if you get shot without eye protection, your screen will turn white and you'll be like so blind. it'll last probably like 15-30 seconds (in testing it was in the range of 'a really really long time'). if you shoot turf or a wall or anything it will blind everyone within two tiles. crowd control! but the blind sucks and it's short. by blind, i mean flashblind. not like blindness blind. you can't see anything and it's terrible. and then when you can see again the first thing you'll see is sec shooting lethal rounds at you until you die. in an ideal world.
  10. i hope your argument isn't that r&d is quicker and easier to do than making stungloves. or that telecrystals are worth less than the time it takes to grab a battery out of assistant storage. i don't really understand what you are trying to say. forcegloves: a semivisible rng/luck-controlled chance to stun someone for long enough to beat them silly or cuff them or whatever stungloves: an invisible, 100% chance spammable stun that lasts long enough for whatever purposes you need (because you can spam it) you can say, i guess, that 2x damage will let you kill people faster. well okay. it doesn't take very long to kill people who are down. the time difference between say, 4 esword hits and 2 is pretty much negligible. also, your sword can embed with forcegloves so if it happens on the first hit, you'll have to waste time pulling it out.
  11. hi so i saw all this arguing and not doing the experiment so i thought, 'well gee, i'd have to be a triple stack baby sundae supreme to post in this thread without taking the challenge.' in the interest of not being a triple stack baby sundae supreme, here is the story of cassie cook, named in honor of the cassie challenge. and also because i needed a name and my first name was cook, so like alliteration. i am doing option a. no flavor text, emotes and whatever else i want. the first thing cassie does is touch all the doors. unfortunately, it is extended, but i think 'touches all the doors' is a good flaw for a character. cassie touches all the doors. while doing this, she runs into nasir hakim, space cat, sleeping, and stares at him for a solid 5-10 minutes while i get into a writing mood. an officer passes by. a lizard passes by. she stares with cassie at nasir. an officer comes by. he is bald. cassie feels a kinship with the officer, for she is a grayshirt. but she is not very good at speaking common, being from a backwater sector. so she explains that the cat-- she and the officer are corrected by ms lizard-- tajaran-- is not a cat, and that what they are saying is offensive. cassie finds this agreeable. ms lizard drags away cassie's cat. she has been catnapped, but such is the life of a foreigner. at this point in time, a preacher arrives. she heads off to the chapel to meet him, and runs into him while touching the bridge doors. he waves. she lifts a hand in greeting. they do not speak, but they understand each others' pain. she heads to the chapel and waits for the chaplain's return. he does not return while i type all this out. she hides in one of his potted plants, and then stops. this is suspicious. she gets tired of being suspicious and heads to the chef, who is talking to the botanist. she resolves to find someone lonelier to speak to, like the bartender. the bartender is swamped by people. she climbs onto a stool and sits there like a quiet antisocial assistant while i type this, occasionally looking around. the bartender finally gets tired of being stared at. he asks what she wants. she introduces herself as Trustworthy Assistant Cook. she is a trustworthy assistant. but he does not need help. she is shoved out of her seat by pun pun, and asks the bartender if the mammal is really sanitary. mammal. the irony is lost on her. finally, after watching the monkey shove the preacher around a lot, she acquiesces to a drink. the bartender drops a bottle of vodka in front of her. this is no drink she recognizes. she does not touch it. some minutes go by. there is a very tough assistant there. he is so tough he can watch the lion king without crying. even the part where mufasa dies. she is impressed, and after sitting quietly, tries to speak to the only other person as quiet as she is: the janitor. he says hello, gets up, and leaves immediately. he did not need a trustworthy assistant. cassie and the detective stand next to each other for a long time. the detective does not move a muscle, but i know she is active. they stand next to each other for a very long time. neither speaking. the detective leaves without a word. her preacher is unconscious on the floor. she is now alone. but she has always been alone, and so it is nothing different. the bar deserted, she goes to cargo and speaks to the cargo tech. the officer there pretends she does not exist and takes his things, walking away. the cargo tech is very careful about closing doors around her, but finally, she has stood around for long enough that he feels obliged to say something. cassie is an expert at this. he asks if she is new. she says no. he says okay, and tells her to fill out a form if she needs anything. she then meets the qm, who she greets. he pretends she isn't there while he explains things to his tech, and then tells her he will be in the back. she nods and leaves. the botanists do not pretend to care enough to even respond. she stares at them for many minutes, says some things, and waits for many more. and then leaves. cassie contemplates asking cargo to order her some friends, but opts to head down to engineering instead. there, she is greeted by an engineer at the front desk. she stares at him. he says hello and asks if he can help. she tells him she is just looking, and continues staring. he pretends she isn't there for a while. she stares. there is no relief. he asks if she went there to stare at him specifically. she nods yes. he says huh. okay. she asks him what he does. it is time for the hard sell. he tells her he fixes things. she says she fixes things too. then he asks if she has training. at which point she says no, and introduces herself as Trustworthy Assistant Cook, which makes people uncomfortable enough to stop talking for some time. they eventually both establish they are Not Very Busy. she manages to ask him how he managed to get a job with NT. he asks how she got to work here. cassie recounts her tragic history as a space immigrant: she was from a sector far, far away. a man asked her if she wanted a job. she said yes. and then she was here. that is it. that is her history. and then she learned common and they told her to introduce herself as a trustworthy assistant. the most trustworthy assistant. little does she know she is part of the hit new space reality tv program, cassie's civilian challenge, where cunning space explorer corgi the bounty hunter finds people from backwaters and gets them employed in a top notch space station for your viewing pleasure he also does a poor job of teaching them common and misleads them for extra hilarious. this is cassie's life. her name isn't even cassie. you did this. this is your fault. cassie explains her plight to the engineer, who tries to help. unfortunately, she is clueless and also not very good at speaking common, and his efforts stall. i wish i bothered to make up an imaginary language at this point because he asks her name so cassie warbles something. they talk a while. the engineer points out that someone actually wants an assistant over the radio. cassie volunteers. this is her time. her time to shine. the cargo crew has ordered like thirty billion chickens. now those chickens are dead. she helps the hop throw them onto the cargo shuttle. there are many chickens, their necks snapped like twigs. she feels a brief moment of nostalgia and homesickness for her chicken coop back home, and flossie, her chicken. she will never see them again. flossie is already dead at this point. flossie died while they freighted her from the fringe colonies to the station. the hop finds out that cargo shuttles do not accept organic lifeforms. she is distraught, but cassie is the most trustworthy assistant ever. she lathes a knife. they both get knives. it is chopping time. there is blood everywhere. an admin spawns gibs. it does not deter us from our grim work. by the end of the day, probably thirty some chickens have been sliced into meat. and some of that meat has been sliced into strips, perfect for rolling in bread. praise nanotrasen. the hop throws cassie ten credits and they never see each other again. she now has 560 credits ever. she speaks to the engineer a little bit. the shuttle is here. it is 2 am and i am tired, but it was not an overall terrible round. probably.
  12. I adore your diagram, I do. There's no diagonal motion in this game, though. Like it's possible, but you're not going to see it from someone as terrible as me. Projectiles move in a slope, so either left or right. So instead of a shooting in a / it'll be kind of like a ```----___ and then something lower than an underscore which i do not have available. basically our lasers and bullets are really high tech and turn at right angles every once in a while just to keep you on your toes
  13. please, people. if i wanted to stunlock someone, i'd use stungloves. if i wanted to speed neckgrab someone, i'd stunglove them first. get with the program, okay. stungloves: cheap, easy, risk-free, nearly cost free murder. These don't really do anything stungloves don't do better, for cheaper. I don't really have any issues with lightsabers hitting as hard as bullets. That doesn't seem terribly wrong or bad to me. 60 seems okay.
  14. but eswords have 30 brute. did we change something stupid like to make ninja energy blades buyable or something. 2x should bump your lightsaber into the 60 brute range. which seems reasonable, other things considered.
  15. Hi. Creator opinion here. I'm actually pretty against research having this. If it absolutely must be restricted to antags/ert, I'd prefer it much more still if sec could at least get like four in the armoury. also my numbers are not balanced so you might want to lower the 2.5x to like. 2x. or something. i don't know.
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