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IR 9/11/17


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Reporting Personnel: Archos

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Station AI

Game ID: bQp-cDdg

Personnel Involved: Alicia Forest, Maintenance Technician, Detective Noir, Captain Paul Johnson, Chief Engineer Akela, Head of Security Fariq, Station AI Archos

Time of Incident: 9/11/2439

Real time: 1:28, 9/11/17

Location of Incident: NSS Aurora

Nature of Incident: Willful neglect, Reckless endangerment of station and crew, negligent homicide,

Report begins:

At the start of the shift indicated, Maintenance Technician Alicia Forest set up the Tesla engine. However, she used a nonstandard setup without getting prior approval from Chief Engineer. This unit noticed that and reported it to Chief Engineer Akela, who subsequently ordered her to shut the Tesla down and set it up properly. However, Technician Forest deliberately misinterpreted his orders, and shut down the Particle Accelerator and the field generators, which led to the Tesla losing containment. Unit reported this to Chief Alela over the command channel, and Head of Security Fariq ordered Technician Forest placed under arrest. Technician Forest refused orders from Chief Akela and HoS Fariq, necessitating the issuance of a warrant for her arrest. While officers from the ISD were en-route, Technician Forest attempted to persuade me to let her back into the Tesla's control room, using a damaged cyborg in the control room as an excuse. This unit refused her requests. When ISD officers arrived, she refused to surrender. However, ISD's attempts to take her into custody were interrupted by thr reappearance of the Tesla field, now completely out of containment. Captain Paul Johnson ordered all personnel to evacuate the sublevels. However, through means unknown to this unit, the Tesla field was able to maifest itself on the main level, necessitating an emergency evacuation of the station. An emergency shuttle was sent, and Captain Johnson notified the crew that it would be leaving as soon as everyone on board. This AI unit requested Captain Johnson to card it, who did so. As soon as everyone was on board, the shuttle's autopilot was overridden, launching immediately. Also note that her actions resulted in the deaths of several employees, as well as stranding theee employees on the station when they were unable to rendesvouz with the evacuation shuttle.

This AI unit has observed that Technician Forest displays an unhealthy obsession with thr Tesla engine. Setting up and maintaining station engines is the job of station engineers and engine technicians, not maintenance technicians. Furthermore, this AI unit is unsure why a maintenance technician would have access to the Tesla engine. This AI unit suggests that Technician Forest undergo a mandatory psyh eval.

Report ends

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TO: Command Staff, NSS Aurora

FROM: Liesel Metz, CCIAA, NTCC Odin

SUBJECT:[High Priority] RE: Incident Report



You are advised that we have received a transmission from a station AI unit installed in your facility, in what appears to be an Incident Report format.

You are to immediately evaluate your station AI unit for signs of compromised logic or lawset. This report will be scrubbed from the database.


DTG: 11-23:45-TAU CETI STANDARD-09-2459

SIGN: Liesel M.


((Station AIs are not permitted to submit Incident Reports. If you feel that the reported player's conduct warrants a player or character complaint, please post a thread that follows that format in the correct subforum.))

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