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Complaint Form - Crystal Brookes

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NanoTrasen Inc.

Civilian Branch of Operation

Form 0110

Complaint Form


Facility: NSS Aurora

Date: 12/28/2456


Affected Person(s): Wesley Jesse, Chemist; Medbay

Offender(s): Crystal Brookes, Chief Medical Officer

Type of Complaint: Neglect of Duty, Distribution of harmful chemicals without proper paperwork. Creating a workplace hazard.

Time of Incident: 1300 - 1430


The CMO, Crystal Brookes, accessed the Chemistry Lab in the absence of a chemist, to the end of producing medicines and cryogenic formulae for use in the medbay.

The medicines produced were not properly labelled, with pills of varying dosages being stored in the same bottles, and the bottles themselves lacking clear denoted dosages.

Additionally, crewmembers with pre-existing prescriptions were made to go without their medicines for the majority of the shift, due to the CMO failing to either browse the medical records herself or to delegate it to one of her subordinates. One crew member, Research Director Alexis Shaw, had to leave several messages to get the CMO to even be aware of the presence of a prescription.

During her stint in the laboratory, members of the research department requested Sulphiric Acid, as they are want to do. This was distributed readily and freely, without any supporting paperwork or so much as a stamp of approval from herself.

When she was finished with the laboratory, she left it in disarray, with boxes being strewn across the floor and beakers spread haphazardly on piles of miscellaneous laboratory items and detritus, impeding the chemist from performing his duties effectively until the mess was remedied by the chemist.

When confronted about these varying issues, the CMO was dismissive and cavalier about the situation, prompting the chemist to file an official complaint.

Affected Person(s) Signature(s): Wesley Jesse, Alexis Shaw

Witness’s Signature:


This paper has been stamped with the research director's rubber stamp.

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