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  1. Here's a Pennant story. It's a bit of a long one, as it involves 1. Pennant and 2. Extended. ~~ Extended. Pennant boots up from storage, goes through its startup routine, and analyzes the manifest for tasking. All departments are staffed, but no names on the list stick out to the diminutive robot. None aside from Oliver Roadman, that is, whom has previously owned the pAI iteration of Pennant. So, Pennant scuttles over to engineering, to find Oliver mulling over activities for the day with Mistress, who was his pAI at the time. The decision is made--controlled burn testing. The purpose of the tests was and is still beyond Pennant's simple understanding, but the method was simple--and so, Pennant went engineering. This eventually wound up with Oliver and Pennant in the Toxins lab beneath Research, retrofitting the chambers. In one, piping was set up and modified to allow for a controlled mix of Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Phoron. The other, a welder tank was opened and left to leak fuel into the entirety of the chamber, before being removed. These chambers, of course, were not originally designed to be accessed and modified, so we had to take down the windows and make airlocks out of inflatables. They were also not equipped with gas analyzers, so Pennant had to monitor the composition of the phoron mix from inside of the chamber. Initial burns were smooth. Supply of gas to the phoron mix was cut, as the fire grew too hot too quickly, and burned itself out. The welder fire burned slow and cool, heating up at a glacial pace, and was left to its devices. However, one anomaly had occurred. Sheets of paper, left in the chambers to burn, did not alight, despite the temperatures gradually reaching several thousand degrees Kelvin. Mistress, Oliver, Pennant were all perplexed. And so, Pennant went to go get a different subject, silently skittering out of the room as Oliver scratched his hardsuited head at the circumstance. Luckily, the xenobiologist, SSD in his lab, had left not only a monkey cube unboxed and unwrapped, but also a shower running. On second thought, they may have been dead, laying in the floor outside of a pen as they were--but it was irrelevant. The monkey was acquired. Pennant hauled it back to Toxins, presenting it proudly to the Chief Engineer... and was met with disbelief. While Mistress approved, Oliver certainly did not. "We are not burning a monkey," he stated, flatly. He directed Pennant to let the monkey go... The airlock was already closing when Oliver realized what was happening. He didn't make it to the door in time, and the bolts dropped in front of his face as Pennant dragged the monkey out into its natural habitat, where it could live free amongst its brethren. That is to say, the monkey was released into the wilds of the asteroid, nevermore to be exploited by the cruel corporation. Pennant looked absolutely proud of itself as it strolled back in. Oliver just tried to ignore the horror behind the little machine's ignorance, and restarted the burn chambers. This time, the phoron mix was stable, and burned nicely. That is, of course, until several minutes later, it inevitably became too hot, and began to damage the windows--Pennant was ordered to open the blast chamber doors, which would vent the superheated gas, the fire, and the pressure into space. A click, and it was done--the blast doors opened. In that split second of simulation, before the gas rushed into space, there was a glimpse of the monkey. Of the bloody corpse, fingers worn to the bone where it had desperately clawed at the outside of the blast doors, until it collapsed from suffocation and depressurization. The second passed, and the monkey was gone, hurtled bodily out against the far outer wall of the facility, where it became pinned, buffeted by undulating, superheated currents, its already grotesquely deformed body mangled, slammed, crushed, and snap-fried by venting gas in excess of eight thousand degrees Kelvin. Pennant was delighted--it had been homesick! Oliver was, of course, further mortified, and his opinion did not improve as Pennant hurriedly rushed through the inflatable barriers to drag the monkey back into its proper home, welcoming its worn and weary form back into the fold. He stared at the monkey, and finally broke, agreeing to burn the poor thing, to cremate it in one of the chambers. Pennant gave a little shuffle, and dragged the thing into the welder chamber, which had been similarly extinguished. There was an issue, however, when the room was re-lit. The temperature had not gone down. So hot was it, that the chamber was still in excess of four thousand degrees, even after being exposed to the vacuum of space for well over a minute. The windows began to crack shortly, even as the monkey was engulfed in the inferno--but the chamber had to be vented, or the entire laboratory was at risk. The blast doors opened, and every single thing in the lab was vented to space. Every single thing, that is, except for the monkey, which remained firmly planted, its sprite wholly and utterly replaced with brute and burn damage decals, a messy pile of gory maroon with a curly tail sticking out of it. Its skin and flesh had grafted to the floor of the chamber in a sort of macabre adhesion, and Pennant buzzed. The thing was surely dead, now, and needed to be disposed of. The robot enters the chamber, vented to space, and applies its matter decompiler. There's a squealing crunch is horribly muted in the encroaching vacuum, as the tail is sucked into the device, only for the decompiler to choke. The monkey is too large. The process is reversed, atomized chunks of monkey blown out of the device's orifice onto the pile of what once was the remainder, and Pennant looks to Oliver for guidance. Except, Pennant couldn't hear Oliver, being that it was in space--and so, ripping the monkey from the floor (leaving a sizable amount of unrecognizable flesh and char behind), Pennant drags the monkey back inside. Oliver is growing nauseous now. He orders Pennant to take it to Xenobiology, to cremate it, and Pennant clicks. It skitters away, dragging the monkey along, painting the floor deep red behind it. It makes it all the way into the bowels of Xenobiology, to the incinerator, before realizing--it doesn't have hands. It can't operate the incinerator, can't get the monkey into the tile it needs to actually insert it. So, the monkey is dragged back to Toxins behind it, along a different path, leaving even more blood behind. Pennant drags it right up to Roadman and explains the situation. Roadman is... frustrated, to say the least. However, he follows Pennant as it takes yet another path to the lab. Now, the entirety of the research sublevel is absolutely, irrevocably coated in monkey blood. There's more blood in the halls than you'd ever believe could fit inside of a single monkey. I am of the belief that, had we fluid simulation, any hapless researcher opening the elevator doors would have been greeted by an ankle-high tide of monkey ichor. The monkey is laid to rest, reduced to ashes. Oliver is not happy. He orders Pennant to go, find the roboticist, get a reset, and to clean up the hellacious mess. So, Pennant sets off on yet another quest. It shares the elevator up to the main level with the xenobotanist, who makes an offhand comment about how tricky k'ois is. He coughs. Pennant prints off a reset board, but the roboticist is nowhere to be found. Cue five straight minutes of Pennant wandering aimlessly through the station, the bar, security, medical. The roboticist is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, code yellow is called. There's a mycosis patient, apparently. If only someone could have known sooner. More people may be infected. Mining isn't online. No platinum produced. Pennant leaves the reset chip in the hall, as the chemist calls out for Cardox, but there is none. No platinum, no Cardox. So, thinking fast, Pennant skitters off to the vault, dismantling the windows within and hauling out a locker full of grenades. It presents them cheerily to the CMO, who seemed perplexed, but too relieved to even ask where the robot had acquired them from. But there was a problem. Someone had broken into the vault. It must be reported. Pennant tracks down the Head of Security, and cheerily reports in its broken, lilting, synthesized speech that someone had broken in. The HOS, of course, nearly births and entire cow right there in the middle of the hallway. They ask who, who had done this--only for Pennant to matter-of-factly inform them that it was, in fact, Pennant who had done so. Cue a brief exchange, asking if the CMO had asked Pennant to do this--they had not. They also, apparently, did not inform the HOS that the grenades had been acquired. Pennant left the HOS with the thought, its report complete, and finally locates the roboticist. It reports back to toxins, after cleaning the blood, where the CE had been chair-rping with his pAI for the duration, apparently uninterested in walking the main halls during a mycosis scare. He's just as surprised, taken aback as the HOS had been when it tells him, and it seems that the HOS had neglected to bring the topic up even after Pennant had informed them directly. No matter, Pennant was happy to attempt to collect praise for its helpful nature--praise was not forthcoming. At this point, the shuttle was arriving soon, and Pennant toddled along after Roadman to the shuttle. Pennant rode in the bridge of the shuttle all the way to the Odin, with the CE, the HOS, and the CMO. They asked, once, why Pennant was riding along, but dropped it immediately. They collectively agreed that, if something was wrong with Pennant, it was probably best to just let it be. ~~
  2. Keegan Rader Wesley Jesse Danny Wiles Pennant Pennant-TURBO (Or just dead-hour Pennant in general...)
  3. As the title reads. Was asked to make a feedback post, so here we are--Don't be afraid to give negative feedback, either. I'm always open to criticism. Pennant - pAI/Stationbound Software. Wesley Jesse - CMO/Paramedic Keegan Rader - Captain Danny Wiles - Security Officer
  4. Xelnaga was a moderator back in the glory days, and I can't remember having a single issue with him. He served well before, he'll serve well again. +1
  5. Pull the logs, please. If @DRagO was misled by anything I said, it was through pure misunderstanding/misinterpretation, and not through malicious intent. The logs will show this.
  6. I'm going to apologize off the cuff for this post, because it feels really petty and personal for me to put a negative response as the person directly affected. I would have made a player complaint, but I'm told Bygone already got a note for what occurred, so I'm just going to post it here, after having been recommended to do so by several people in private conversation. Round ID: b25-az7G Last night I played a round as Pennant, latejoining at about 00:07 into the round. I was asked by Bygone's AI what modules I could fulfill, and informed them that my standard modules were Rescue, Research, Engineering, and Construction. Their AI, Gungnir, then informed me that Rescue was already taken by the other stationbound, and asked me to choose between Engineering and Construction. Of note is that it had specifically forbidden me from choosing a Research Module, as it described it as "nonvital". As there were no pending engineering alerts or requests, and the engine was already set, I elected to not immediately choose, and instead went to interact with Alma Sidanyi, who is @Scheveningen's scientist character. They were the only character on manifest whom Pennant had interacted with before, and so Pennant assisted them in their lab with small errands. Pennant was "idle" in this manner for some period of time, waiting on requests and roleplaying with Sidanyi, and Gungnir began to address me directly multiple times, inquiring why I was in the lab, why I was assisting, what I was assisting with, and chiefly why I had been "idle" (Read: Standing still) for so long. This lead to a buildup of anxiety within my character, who expressed this through increasingly stressed emotes until it finally told Alma that it was (paraphrasing) "Under a lot of pressure to perform, without any tasks to actually perform". This led Alma to calling the AI on a holopad, an entirely unintended response from my end. Alma asked the AI why it was putting so much pressure on Pennant. Gungnir responded along the lines of "because it's an expensive unit, and being idle for extended periods is a waste". It then directly ordered me to go engineering, to surface, set the shields, and wait for further tasking. Arriving to find the shields already bolted and programmed by an engineer and untold amount of time earlier, I was then messaged by @DRagO. It turns out that Bygone had actually adminhelped about my actions up to this point in the round, though I am not sure what the exact accusations were that had been leveled at me. I remained idle in the shield room for at least ten minutes without further interaction from the AI, ICly and OOCly mortified that I had done something terribly wrong. Eventually, I was hailed by Alma (who had gotten robotics access from the captain by this point in the round) to robotics. Here are screenshots of the exchange that followed therein and shortly after. https://gyazo.com/b81e9c66f89b3e8c2a5eed7397e5ca97 https://gyazo.com/9141aeb7dc814313bd52bc04a6f09667 https://gyazo.com/ae8c599677ead3adcf5c14aabac025e8 After this, I was feeling entirely abused and powerless on both an IC and OOC level. Apparently Drago told them to lay off with the heavyhanded restrictions at this point, as in the midst of installing cameras the Gungnir sent the following message (unfortunately, I did not screenshot it, but I invite those who care and are able to check round logs): Robot Talk, Gungnir states, "Once you have installed the last two cameras you have I will lift your restrictions. Do not fight me again. Do not endeavor to get around me or manipulate the users by leveraging your social status. I am aware of such things, but moreso, its completely needless. Simple tasks are a given, but I dont much care if you socialize after they are complete." This comment alone felt like a direct OOC attack on my character. I declined to continue playing following the installation of the cameras, and instead stored, being entirely put off of SS13 for the rest of the night. I'm going to be taking a break from playing stationbound after this. I do not feel like this is the kind of player who we need in command. They actively took steps to prevent their subordinate unit from interacting with a member of crew, coupled with extreme abrasion and insults towards a character who has no IC recourse. If this post in any way does not fit the parameters required for this subforum, please feel free to inform me and edit or delete it.
  7. This guy. This fucking guy. I remember he actually ruined my round a week ago. I was just walking around, trying to do my job, trying to roleplay with the crew as a robot. But when I was walking through the bridge in order to try and interact with the crew as a whole, you know what he does? He goes and sits in the captain's office! With the window tint on! Now obviously this means that the two loyalty implanted command members are either in danger of killing each other, or they are having juicy erp without me. So I did what I had to do! I did what my circuits commanded me to! I opened the door and walked in. I skittered to a halt. I typed out a greeting. You know what I get? He just turns, and yells, "Out!". I couldn't believe it. I was stunned. How could a command-whitelisted player, especially one with a loyalty implant, treat a stationbound so poorly? I was genuinely in fear for my life from this apparently unhinged man. My immersion was absolutely ruined, and the rest of the round was colored by the implicit, looming threat of being remote detonated, or even flash-spammed while being lynched by Khaled and the rest of his blueberry goonies. I spent most of the shift afterwards crying in a recharger. I demand that justice be done, I know I'm not the only victim of this shitter. I can only hope that my story encourages others to come forward with the dark truth about this awful character. Rise up, robot gamers.
  8. Had the pleasure of working with Ma'zaira for a couple shifts now. The character is good, solid fun, performs his job well, and brings a fresh perspective on unathi and medical work in general. Simon very quickly left the impression on me that they are a competent roleplayer, and I don't expect to see them squandering the rp opportunities they've drawn up in this very application. +1 from me.
  9. As captain of the round you are bringing up, the body count was officially five per medical's count. The hostage, the hostage taker, Armstrong, and two cadets who were nearby observing the exchange. In regards to the substance of this complaint, I would agree somewhat with the concept that Armstrong lends Miller too much lenience/preference as his partner. Most rounds with the two of them on are entirely colored by this relationship, as a result of the sway they hold on each other and the sway Armstrong holds on the round as a command player. I do not believe this warrants punishment or admonishment, but I do think that Armstrong needs to re-prioritize OOC'ly as a command player, and re-prioritize IC'ly as a loyalty implantee. In regards to the point raised by Dark1Star, at a certain point, the station and the company must come first. I've seen you, Spider, try and cryo (only to be stopped by IC events) to dodge out of rev-style CC announcements that conflict with your character's conscience. I think, if you're going to be playing a loyalty-implanted role, you need to be ready to swallow whatever moral urge you have and play the corporate-mandated villain, no matter how it tortures your character. Simply put, OOC'ly, the show must go on, and you must consider the effects of your actions on the round as a whole. Concluding, though, I do really enjoy Jesse Armstrong. He's a great character and usually a stellar HoS. He's just got one hell of an Achilles' heel, that too easily throws him off and distracts him from his duties IC and OOC.
  10. Was Captain Keegan Rader, as tagged in OP. I unfortunately was incredibly preoccupied throughout the round in question, due to a cascade of IC events and subsequent meetings being held in my office. However, I did at one point early into the shift ask the AI to stop antagonizing Samara Watson by name on the command channel. I did not bother to respond further to it, as again, I was very busy. By the time I was freed up enough to look back into the situation, I was informed that a ban was being applied and was unable to pursue the issue.
  11. Two things I'd like to pitch into this. 1. I personally have been involved in holding the shuttle at least 4 times in the past week or two. Once was due to engineering difficulties(read:breached red dock), two were for medical emergencies, the last was for mass prisoner transport-to-shuttle on the tail end of a rev round. If you want to call enabling a satisfying, all-encompassing conclusion to the round for an entire department and their charges at a time, at the expense of a handful of minutes spent mostly bantering in (L)OOC anyways, selfish, then I don't know what to tell you. Enabling satisfying roleplay is literally the cornerstone of any command position, and swearing by this is the biggest requirement for that whitelist. I would argue that forcing a shuttle/allowing it to time out when you have medical/security/(X) amount of stragglers hollering for it to be held is the selfish decision, effectively denying them their satisfying conclusion just so you can end the round and get your greentext a little bit sooner. 2. On the subject of rules: Now that Suspicious Conduct has been stricken from the book of Corporate Regulations, is it appropriate for Security to continue to use it to brig people? After all, we can't expect every little thing to be written down. Some regulations are just more niche and nuanced, right? That gut reaction you just felt is the same way most people have and would feel seeing Garn say that he's enforcing a rule that is not and has never been written anywhere. Should it be a rule? That's a different question. Regardless, if it is going to be enforced, punishment or no punishment, it should be written somewhere. Even if it's just a friendly warning that admins reserve the right to force held shuttles at any time.
  12. +1 This will save my Captain a lot of money, no longer having to offer her a tea from the vending machines.
  13. Right, so, I was the Captain during both of the rounds in question, Keegan Rader. I'll start by saying I joined extremely late during the first round, and by the time I'd reached my desk the vast majority of events had already happened. I had the CMO lodging complaints against the HoS and his own MD, I had the HoS lodging complaints against the CMO, and I had the HoP up to her ears in stress and begging for help. All that I knew of the situation was what I was told during my meetings with the various parties involved, which is fairly well encapsulated by all the posts that have preceded me in this thread. During that first round, I directly spoke with Sophie Hawkins, Fernando Gonzales, Albert Maxwell, and Lyn Dyslioth. Thea Reeves was present, but was not instrumental, and merely took a backseat as my resident HR/interpersonal relations advisor while I conducted the meetings and prepared to make decisions. I say prepared, because by the time I had just about finished the second meeting, the shuttle was about to dock, I called it a loss, and invited all present to head to the bar to drink about it. During the meeting with Lyn, I believe I laid out as plainly as possible that I could not act on Lyn's opinions, especially in regards to actions which had taken place on previous shifts, and flatly advised that she take those matters to the CCIA instead. As for the events during the round in question, I was unable to effectively come to any kind of decision IC. During the second round, I was fairly immediately approached by Hawkins with the HR complaint. I heard her out about her issues, as is proper course given Keegan's open door policy, and consulted with my HoP, who was again Thea Reeves as to the best course of action. She advised that I mediate a discussion between the two to see that they come to some manner of professional understanding, so that I would not be forced to reassign Sophie to another department. Note, the only thing Keegan was acting upon in that round was the apparent confrontation between Lyn and Sophie--At no point was the captain acting upon the events of the round prior, and I had full intent to either see it resolved or Sophie reassigned to prevent further conflict. Lyn's position was never in danger from the perspective of myself attempting to "snipe" her from her position to instate Hawkins. In regards to undermining Lyn's command with this meeting, and subsequently neutering Security's response to the antags in that round, that is entirely my mistake. I should have interrupted and cancelled the meeting as soon as we got word of intruders. I was fully expecting the meeting to be very short and professional, both IC and OOC. Hawkins attempted to apologize, which was appropriate given that she was definitively the one in the wrong during that round, but I did not expect for Lyn to continue being catty right in front of the captain. The meeting, for as long as it lasted, devolved into yet another childish verbal catfight, as opposed to reaching a working agreement as professionals. In fact, when word of intruders came on the radio, I was fully expecting for Lyn, as Commander, to take at least temporary control of her emotions, accept the apology, and get to robusting antags. My mistake for not cutting it off in anticipation of this eventuality. Genuinely. I will ensure that HR issues interfere as little as possible with Antag activity in future under Keegan. In regards to the metaclique accusation, I do not know Shodan. I do not know Resilynn. The only head involved whom I know OOC is ShesTrying, and the same goes for IC relations. Keegan has worked with Reeves closely almost every shift they're on together, but has never been able to actually meet and greet Lyn, Hawkins, or even Gonzales. While he has worked with them before, it has always been at arm's distance, always separated by the various antag actions of the round. In regards to prior IC biases Keegan has, Keegan only knows Reeves personally. Hawkins and Lyn are both polite strangers to him who have both gotten results and been responsive to commands in the past, and Gonzales he knows to have a history of running an extremely reliable medbay, with razor-sharp hunches. At no point was I, the player or Keegan, the Captain metagrudging or plotting IC or OOC.
  14. I absolutely adore this idea. With the removal of convenience, you introduce more legwork, which is directly equivalent to more gameplay. +1
  15. Yes, actually. Lawyering is incredibly important when it comes to AI laws, especially when said AI is so simple as to be entirely defined by them. Additionally, all those examples you countered were based upon the fact that, negligible or not, they drain from a resource pool drawn upon by the beings a drone is not allowed to effect. This is, undeniably, a ridiculous outcome from a poorly worded law. The proposed change would easily fix this with little to no negative consequence. Unless you mean that the drones are capable of interpreting their laws in any way other than as written? Similar to, say, a pAI's directives? Wait. Hostile misrepresentation aside, you're... against having an open avenue for RP? Is the capacity for interesting interactions such a heinous concept? The way you word that conclusion makes it sound like I'm asking for drones to show up on the crew manifest, get bank accounts, and to spawn on the arrivals shuttle. All this is is a proposal to allow drones to actually function as intended without violating their laws. The fact that it would legitimize any number of niche interactions and exchanges is just a bonus, and that's... a bad thing?
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