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Incident Report - 13/09/2459


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Reporting Personnel: Akela Ha'kim

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Chief Engineer

Game ID: bQr-CZiq

Personnel Involved:

- Alicia Forest - Offender

- Patrick Huey - Witness

- Xli'loqu Axqiu - Other: Arresting officer

- Noir - Other: Arresting officer

Time of Incident:

Real time: (shift ended) 22:03GMT 13/09/2017

Location of Incident: Engineering / Engineering Sub-level

Nature of Incident:

  • []Workplace Hazard


    []Destruction of Property

    [x]Neglect of Duty




    [x]Other: Attempted Suicide, Ignoring Orders

Overview of the Incident:

Where does she begin? Alicia Forest Has an extremely worrying attachment to the Tesla engine which has resulted in some extreme outcomes in the past. Most engineers that have worked with her before have noted the same exact thing.

It got to a point this shift where Akela had to move the Tesla generator to her office in order for Alicia not to take it and set it up dangerously. Akela noted Alicia outside of her office staring at the generator and when Akela darkened the glass, Alicia proceeded to stare at it over camera.

Akela asked Alicia to come into her office for a chat about the situation but Alicia seemed frozen and in a world of her own, staring at the generator. Akela tried to talk and reason with her, but Alicia ignored her.

Akela then sought out advice from the head of personnel, noting the potentially dangerous situation that Alicia could cause by not obeying orders. Akela also enquired if psychiatric assessment could be given to Alicia too however there was no medical staff on board at the time so it was decided to move the Tesla generator somewhere where Alicia couldn’t find it, the bridge bunker. Alicia then screamed ‘No!’ over communications and proceeded to chase after Akela all the way to the bridge which is where Patrick Huey got a glimpse of the obsessive behaviour.

It was at this point Akela decided to have Alicia suspended pending further action by medical as this behaviour could be seen as very dangerous. Akela invited Alicia to her office and explained the situation. Alicia denied of course that she needed help. Akela then ordered her to see the head of personnel who was waiting with the suspension papers and radioed ahead to tell him that Alicia was coming.

Alicia then decided to go into the engineering sublevel instead.

Akela pursued her down there and found her standing next to the particle accelerator console with all emitters on. She attempted to talk her down and radioed command for security assistance. Alicia appeared to want to commit suicide instead of coming with Akela to command.

The officers soon arrived and Alicia ran into the Tesla bay, Akela had cut power to the emitters so there was nothing life-ending in the vicinity. The officers asked her to come with them or they’d be forced to detain her. Alicia tried to make a break for it and Akela was forced to flash and detain her, the officers soon handcuffing and taking Alicia away.

As she suggested to the head of personnel, the fact that Alicia goes to these lengths to be with or even worship the Tesla is not healthy and Akela would suggest the suspension of Alicia and guidance to seek professional help. Alicia is clearly a danger to herself and engineering if not the station in this current frame of mind.


Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Patrick Huey (HoP) (unsure of key)

Actions taken: Security were forced to detain Alicia and on their way up to engineering the shuttle was called so she is unsure if Alicia made it to the head of personnel's office.

Additional notes: She just wants the best for her staff but Alicia is clearly a danger at present.

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