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  1. On that point the only other server I personally know of that uses vision cones has that hotkey built into the basic control scheme. It's probably a good idea to roll face-direction into an easy default hotkey for accessibility. Even if custom hotkeys are easy to make, new players in my experience don't make them for a while and face-direction is a pretty important one for vision cones. I think right now it's only default bound to alt + arrow keys if I recall? Which isn't super intuitive if you're using WASD and last time I played regularly it had an inconsistent issue of trying to access
  2. i just reported your ip to the police goodbye zundy
  3. From what I remember speaking to him he was unhappy about it but relented when I told him he could keep the character as a raider/merc in a non-canon capacity. Point being that his character was removed from the station because it was very hard to justify their continued employment following the IC resolution of the event.
  4. Wasn't there a guy who poisoned the president or something a couple years back on a canon event? If I recall his character was force deleted over that one because I had to explain that situation to him
  5. Itzy was very passionate for the server back when he was staffed as a headmin. It was honestly a pleasure working together with him and I was disappointed to see him have to drop out. I personally had a lot of respect for his mentality towards staff involvement on the server and his directional goals for the server as a whole. If he says he's ready to come back and put his full back into it again, I think he would be an invaluable return.
  6. you heard him boys he admitted it start the crusades
  7. Some questions. 1. How will prisoners be kept with this change? The brig is currently centralized along with everything else an officer needs, it's a single location they'll need to return back to. Will they drop off prisoners and then run back to their assigned posting half way across the station? What if there's no warden or head of security? Are there expected to be holding cells in every department or will they be kept away for the duration of each sentence while they watch the brig? 2. Most of what makes a security team effective is their coordination. If security
  8. It's so soft on the eyes. For once aurora doesn't have a garbage theme. Thank god.
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