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  1. Itzy was very passionate for the server back when he was staffed as a headmin. It was honestly a pleasure working together with him and I was disappointed to see him have to drop out. I personally had a lot of respect for his mentality towards staff involvement on the server and his directional goals for the server as a whole. If he says he's ready to come back and put his full back into it again, I think he would be an invaluable return.
  2. you heard him boys he admitted it start the crusades
  3. Some questions. 1. How will prisoners be kept with this change? The brig is currently centralized along with everything else an officer needs, it's a single location they'll need to return back to. Will they drop off prisoners and then run back to their assigned posting half way across the station? What if there's no warden or head of security? Are there expected to be holding cells in every department or will they be kept away for the duration of each sentence while they watch the brig? 2. Most of what makes a security team effective is their coordination. If security are expected to single-handedly hold each department, their effectiveness will drop significantly. After a few novelty rounds, I highly doubt that the majority of security players are going to be hiding out in their respective departments when it puts them at a massive disadvantage against any opponent who has the intention to use mobility as a strategy. If security are still teaming up to go and play aggressively, as they often have to against mobile opponents, won't this defeat the point of the suggestion? 3. Crew antagonists get a lot of leeway by not having security constantly breathing down their necks in their own departments. This really seems like it would change that and put a near constant sec presence in every department so long as the slots are filled. What are your intentions for the access given to the officers assigned to each department? Will they have full access to the department? Limited? None more than now?
  4. It's so soft on the eyes. For once aurora doesn't have a garbage theme. Thank god.
  5. footfags are the bane of all life on this planet and through this "suggestion" they will take more ground and indoctrinate more followers so don't think that your agenda has gone unnoticed But to each his own, you know? Sure. +1 for those robophiles.
  6. I've personally had the same feeling ever since the map change, and I think there's been already a lot of good points for why already put in the thread regarding how the design may be contributing to that. Another factor I think, was the introduction of mixed secret and the host of gamemodes that came with it, this coinciding with the change to the new map. A few of my favorite old players jumped ship around that time and I'm of the belief that the atmosphere of mixed secret being constant with all of the gamemodes that smashed non-complementary antags together shaped "the new player experience" (as Mofo put it) in a way that changed the server culture quite considerably. There have also been a number of direction changing development updates, and the staff teams have for the most part cycled through to new groups of volunteers with different outlooks. The server has certainly shifted in culture from how it was years ago, but I don't think that should be any surprise, it's inevitable. Regardless of whether or not the current server culture/atmosphere/community is up to your personal preference, it's going to be reflective of the majority who play here. Is it worth trying to change the server culture as a whole if it's against the interests of the new majority? As much as I'd like to see otherwise, probably not.
  7. I'd assume 3D glasses being off the loadout is just an oversight. Wouldn't it be better to put a suggestion to have them re-added? I'm not sure if there's even precedent for giving someone a normal item as their private selection, correct me if there's meant to be something unique about these 3D glasses that wouldn't be represented by a typical pair.
  8. iirc the tactical masks have armor I could me misremembering though /obj/item/clothing/mask/gas/tactical name = "tactical mask" desc = "A compact carbon-fiber respirator covering the mouth and nose to protect against the inhalation of smoke and other harmful gasses. " icon_state = "fullgas" item_state = "fullgas" w_class = 2.0 armor = list(melee = 25, bullet = 10, laser = 25, energy = 25, bomb = 0, bio = 50, rad = 15)
  9. Since I have an unhealthy attraction to working on space paperwork I went ahead and updated the code you provided to match the other forms on the server. For a list of changes: Examples of [Write] changed to [Field] [Date] added to autofill the date field [ hr ] for the separating line [small] to match size with other forms NSS Aurora II to NSS Aurora Here are also some changes which I think puts the format closer to the norm and makes it more intuitive for someone picking it up for the first time on server. Although at this point, it's mostly subjective. Overall they're both fairly long forms, offset somewhat by how simple a lot of the fields actually are. In any case, I do like the idea. Just may need a bit more revising before it's actually added to the server if it's accepted.
  10. upholding the spoilers
  11. Valid argument, and a good reason why the vote is split for M'Sai. It could go both ways in my opinion, yes the M'Sai could be seen as strong fighters only with the leading ethnicities wanting to keep a tight leash on them with oversight from their own. On the other hand, M'Sai had their own tribes and needed to be organized in their own right so there should be a good number of command capable white kitties given their culture, and I'm sure a number would have distinguished themselves in the revolution. Sure it would be rarer for them to enter command positions, but I think that's held up well by the restriction of them only being allowed to take the position of HoS in command. They'd be highly regarded for one talent, but any who deviate from that wouldn't be allowed many options for advancement.
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