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[DENIED] Reinmann FTL

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Faction

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): August 2455

Region of Space: Tau Ceti, Epsilon Eridani, Jargon

Controlled by (if not a faction):

Other Snapshot information: Reinmann Faster-than-Light Incorporated is a startup R&D company dedicated to mitigating the dangers of Bluespace by reviving and revitalizing non-bluespace warp technology.

Long Description:

Formed in August 2458 by Dr. Alexander Reinmann, Reinmann FTL inc. is a corporate startup with the goal of revitalizing non-bluespace warp travel, and making it both affordable and competitive with bluespace travel. The company is small, with around 150 staff members working on three research stations and two test vessels. The company is an experiment in and of itself, a startup attempting to pull funds and resources from a mega-corporation without being absorbed or bought out. The company was reluctant to go public over fears of being bought out and dismantled by Einstein, however ultimately backed down the corporation with an investment deal from NanoTrasen. In exchange for 30% of the company, Reinmann FTL was given two research stations that were now obsolete by NT standards, as well as a lump sum of credits and discounted bulk orders of Phoron.

Reinmann FTL began soon after the NanoTrasen deal by working further on the preliminary research presented when they earned their contract. Within 2 years, they pioneered their first prototype, the anti-phoron warp core. Without going into harsh specifics, the warp core draws power from incredibly reactive phoron-antiphoron reactions, and forces the plasma byproduct into multiple "projector strips" along a the faces of a ship's hull, allowing them to generate a gravimetric distortion field that would "isolate" the ship from normal space. This gravimetric field was projected infront of the ship and cycled along the projectors, allowing an effect similar to swimming by pulling apart the subspace bonds in front of the ship, and reforming them behind it.. For all intents and purposes, the ship swam through subspace, allowing acceleration beyond the speed of light. Early tests were promising, however when ships began to approach 6c, the "speed" of subspace transmission waves relative to normalspace, the ship's gravimetric field became overwhelmed as it attempted to cut through the massive swathes of carrier waves that created turbulence in subspace, causing the gravimetric paddle to collapse and destroying the gravimetric field, usually along with the vessel.

This is where they are right now. They have a pioneered warp engine design, but they're stuck at the 6c barrier. They're currently sending scientists to visit NT stations, to seek out technology or people to help break past the 6c barrier.

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