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  1. In hindsight, maybe I overlooked the relevance of a second bartender slot. As a player I personally prefer working the bar solo, but I do get that lot of people will disagree on that. However the Barista role is unnecessary for sure, I've no doubt about that. I'm no mapper, though can happily agree that changing the bar and kitchen is a good move, lot of wasted space.
  2. There are currently 2 slots for bartender, as well as 2 options for bartender: Barista and Bartender. The additions of both of these happened while I wasn't active on Aurora, but I've been made aware the reason for these being added, and I'm going to talk here about why those reasons are stupid. 1: Barista is a silly thing - The point of there being a bar; and thus a bartender; on the station is to supply the crew with drinks, alcoholic, juices or coffees, whatever they may be. A bartender, both in function ingame and as an actual role, can do all three of these. A Barista, by definitio
  3. Decided to do the first work of a series I'm hoping to do. I'm aiming to teach myself as much of lore as a whole as possible, and while reading through it slowly is helping, best way to truly learn the lore is to immerse myself in it. And so, going to be doing a series of what are essentially biopics, the first of which is a trader's journal of a visit to Himeo. Didn't turn out exactly as I hope, all fair, more a mild character study than a dive into the details of a location, but hoping to expand and improve how I do these as I keep making them. The link below has comments turned on, so
  4. It's doing that because you've put the text into a codebox. Just put it as plain text and it should work fine. You've also gotten rid of the formatting in the template given, which is an interesting choice.
  5. Gonna quickly say here, take the whole thing outside of the code formatting, it's awfully hard to read because of it and eliminates the point of the HTML coding built into the template. I'd also advise going through and having a quick spell and grammar check, as I'm not sure if the Nanotreason is a misspelling or a joke. I think a good idea to expand on the character; as we have fairly little here; would be to expand upon the reasons why you've included certain things here. Say why he took interest in combat engineering and force protection and all, it doesn't do much to just say he did,
  6. Reading this app, I'd gotten my hopes up mildly as I read your initial answers. You show fairly obvious interest in the species, and even note a personal reason for enjoying their culture and way of communication. I'm was afraid at first that this would just be another "Me but an alien" sort of character/self-insert type thing, and then I read the character description and those fears were worsened. People going through immense hardships is not unrealistic, nor is it a bad trait to have in a character, but every single point in this story strikes me as; "This character had it hard, and ever
  7. I'm always skeptical of apps with the phrase; "I wasn't interested in playing this race until I had my idea for this character"; and having read through the app it's not much qualmed my skepticism. I see your character backstory and see the same problem many people have had in making skrell characters; including myself; in realising that Skrell are very different from humans, and then creating a skrell that's really interested in humans. It's been done in every way possible, and is a logical character to come out of someone new to the species but understanding of good rp and of the species' ba
  8. Gonna give a quick bit of review, cuz' Loow got angry when I only put it in the lorechat. Your answers overall are fairly bare-bones, and your character is; with no intent to insult; obscenely boring and unoriginal. I'm reading through your character description and knowing full well at what points you stopped writing to check on the wiki's info. Nothing in this application or this character makes me believe you've put actual thought and consideration into Skrellian culture and being, all you have given us is descriptions and recounts of info from the wiki. I see no personal reflection on t
  9. Kaed, this app has been up for weeks, I gave up on it a while ago.
  10. I'm quite liking the idea of this, want to ask some basic questions on it. 1: Do you know of any ways to have this directly impact the station, be it through events of any kind, selectable iems or something more creative than those? 2: Do you have ideas on how the organisation is viewed by the larger corps, governments and similar groups, or would you say the Association is too minor for any large entity to have much of an opinion? 3: Does the Association have any restrictions on their members? Such as a ban on Vaucra or Ipc's? I do like it, and I doubt there's any reason for the
  11. Skrell are not perfect, and nobody's ever tried to argue that they are. The majority of Skrell view advancement as very important, and that's more than just technological. Advancement socially, financially and more is important to them, so many skrell will do a lot of things to reach the best potential they can. Additionally, Skrellian community is very strong, though only locally. It's not directly tied to family or friends like Unathi or Humans, but is more "These are the people I am around, I will support them", so being in a position of power grants opportunity to help those, and often the
  12. Type (Species/Company/History/Other): Skrell - History and Present Relevant Dates: 25/6/1600 (Galactic Standard Date Format) Basic Description: I've tried to create a Police system suited well to Skrell culture and politics. It's broad, overly dignified and devolved and has worryingly high levels of inbuilt corruption that nobody seems to care about. Loow looked at it and gave me no feedback but 'The names are well done', so I'm pumped for it already. Long Description:
  13. Ckey/BYOND Username: themuncorn/Muncorn - Honestly don't remember somehow Position Being Applied For (Species Maintainer, Wiki Maintainer, Lore Developer, Deputy Lore developer): Lore Developer Past Experiences/Knowledge: I've had extensive experience with the loreteam, previously as a (fairly bad) synthetic lore developer, and currently as being in charge of lore canonization applications. Through my additional position as a moderator I know full well the purpose and impact of antagonists as a whole, and the effects good lore can do to help people play better antagonists. I'm far
  14. [mention]Jakers457[/mention] I'm giving you until Wednesday next week to produce a followup/edit to this before I close the application. I'll PM you on discord as well, putting this here for clarifications sake.
  15. Okay, putting this out now. This is not the forum for an application like this joke or not. I'll be closing this, do not expect anything to become of it.
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