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[Accepted] Maxams' Ban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Current BYOND (DoopsBoops) The one that was banned (Maxams)

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: cakeisossim

Reason of Ban: Attacking himself and then leaving with contact of an administrator

Reason for Appeal: Now this may not be the best of reasons, but at the time of joining I had literally no idea what in the hell I was doing, and when the admin contacted me I panicked and quit the game. I did not join afterword for the simple fact that I would be too embarrassed to face what I had done. Though now I have had plenty of time to learn the game and I believe I will not make such mistakes again

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this, and I hope I have convinced you on why I shouldn't be banned any longer.

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An understandable reaction, I suppose. I will lift your ban, but, you should read the server rules before joining a round again. The server rules are not only rules, but guide new players on expected IC behavior in-game, that way you assimilate fit in better without having any idea what you're doing.

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