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  1. Well, it's been quite a while. That is my fault, and I apologize; however, I think (and hope) it has also provided you with some time to ponder past mistakes (this was effectively almost a five month ban), and ways around making them again. I listened to whatever opinions I could get through the other staff members. The conclusion I drew is that you're in no way malicious, which is why most people stay permabanned, but you have issues maintaining proper character and upholding decent roleplay values. I'm going to approve your appeal, but know that it will probably be the last appeal to be
  2. Hello, me and @Pratepresidenten will be handling your complaint! Allow us some time to deliberate and we'll be back with you in a little while.
  3. It is very rare for someone to be permabanned twice and get a third chance. Your first permaban was absolutely justified, and while you did appeal it and I did read the appeal (there honestly wasn't much there) I still can't help but think you'll probably end up permabanned a third time. So, my question for you mainly is, what is the struggle for you in maintaining character at all times, and doing things that are sane and justifiable? If this is something you struggle with, is there a way it can be helped? Just for starters, if you're bored and think you're gonna do something that will p
  4. The staff member that banned you has since retired, so I'll be looking into this. I'm going to go over your notes, warnings, bans, and appeals to get a sense of your history, then I'll come back with either questions for you, or a judgement. Expect to hear back soon.
  5. While I don't doubt you are apologetic and do want to play on the server, I have some concerns regarding the circumstances of this ban (coupled with your note history). How exactly did you miss the staff PM reply and hit a malf command verb instead? As far as I can tell, there should be no way to do that accidentally, as depending on which way you intended to reply, you either had to switch command tabs (from the 'Admin' tab to the 'Abilities' tab) OR you had to have completely missed the text box zone and instead hit a command in the verb zone of the client. Additionally, you have a
  6. Wow this is a very old ban. Considering the length of time that's passed and the circumstances at hand, I'm gonna accept this appeal and lift your ban. You should be able to play almost immediately after this reply. As a note, since you say you are new, if you ever need help with anything at all, you can ahelp ingame by pressing F1 or looking for/typing the adminhelp verb.
  7. I don't think any part of my replies were disrespectful. And you have now resorted to personal attacks. If there were any doubts about closing this complaint and denying any of your future ban appeals should you choose to make them, I think they have just been proven baseless. Edit: it's also extremely convenient that you are going back and editing your posts to continue to defame me. I am not going to challenge this any more. I rest my case.
  8. I am a trial moderator just like Abo. I was a moderator for a year previously. Yes, it is my job to judge both your history and your punishment. You also just said exactly what I told you would make your argument worse for yourself. All of that OOC information could have been gained IC if you had stood back and watched for even just thirty seconds. And you keep getting hung up on this "without a word" argument despite that not being the case. You were not present for the words, which is also bad for your argument. I am not going to have a pissing match here on these posts, eit
  9. Hello, I was the officer. A lot of the info in your OP is either misinformation or blatantly untrue. If you are not certain of the validity of something, you should not state it as fact. I will cover them here: I did fire the entire magazine of seven .45 rubber rounds AT you, only one or two rounds hit you. And you continued to run away with my equipment, so logically I was going to continue trying to stop you. That's when I told you to "drop it" (I did not say "drop it, motherfucker") and aimed my taser at you. You kept moving, or trying to speak, or messed with your inventory o
  10. Definitely. Back when I was a lore dev, I had to move out, find two new jobs, and had a all-around busy lifestyle for many months. Now, things have settled down and I'm able to be a lot more active on the server.
  11. Basic Information Byond Account: CakeIsOssim Character Name(s): Blacked-out names are irrelevant, most of them unplayed, and one is an event character. AI Name(s): ESRA, ARGOS, RIGOS Discord username + tag: Cake#4864 Age: 22 Timezone: UTC/GMT - 5 When are you on Aurora?: Anytime between 0700 and 2100 on weekdays, any time on weekends. I'm usually online at least once a day, somewhere in those times. Experience How long have you played SS13?: Since October 2014. How long have you played on Aurora: Since November 2014, give or take a month.
  12. You're irreplaceable, Abo. Seriously gonna miss you being in charge. Thanks for everything that you did, and good luck in your future endeavors. Don't be a stranger now, ya hear? Pop in and see how we're doing sometime!
  13. I dig the originality and use of the Shell frame here! Well done. Application accepted.
  14. Alright, I am back, and I have reviewed your application. I have a few questions. Not 100% clear on what you meant by this response. When you say, "make them as human as possible," what do you mean by that? What is a "human IPC" to you? Also, LINHUA is owned by an individual but works for Nanotrasen. There are extra implications to this that I'm not sure a first-time IPC player may understand. Since the IPC in particular is owned by an individual, it has no rights (are not protected the same way under corporate regulations and employment protections as humans) and an
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