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Type: Animal

Founding/Settlement Date: they are animals

Region of Space: Originally only Moghes, have been transplanted to Ouerea.

Controlled by (if not a faction): Distribution and cultivation is tightly controlled by the Hegemony.

Other Snapshot information: what's up everyone i hate writing here's an animal

Long Description: The tul are large, muscular, leathery creatures, about a head taller than your average unathi. They have sharp claws on each feet and the strange ribbed, flat teeth found on most herbivores. Their most striking feature, however, is tul's tusks. A large array of long, pointed tusks protrudes from the tul's skull and jaw. A human would say their movement can be compared to that of a cat - deliberate, pronounced movements, with very broad shoulderblades.

They have a long flat tongue they use for putting food into their mouth - The array of tusks on their skull and jaw would make eating difficult otherwise. That said, tul are the most commonly poached animals due their tusks, which can be used in various luxuries, from jewelry, to cutlery, to pieces of ornamental weaponry. Sinta conservationalists look down upon the ownership of these items due to the black market surrounding them, but they are nonetheless sought after due to the beautiful ivory from the tusks.

The use of tul as mounts and pack mules is somewhat less restricted, since conservationalists believe it preserves these animals. Owning these animals, however, is reserved for only the richest clans due to how tightly they are controlled, and is often only reserved for large events, such as parades or gatherings of the elite. Sometimes they can be found wandering the private gardens of the wealthy.

The tul also have a few small myths surrounding them. According to some regional cultures, the tul cultivated the forests before the Sinta could walk on two feet, whereas some say they were responsible for raising the sun - sticking their long tusks into the ether and pulling it back up into the sky. Some of the oldest clans will have a tul displayed as the clan's insignia.

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