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  1. It's passable, but it does nothing to illustrate that you've changed. I contacted you about a violation of one of our most simple rules, and your reaction was to refuse a name change, argue with staff, and log off. You display zero regard for the rules of our server and your ban appeal, where you've shown no acknowledgement of the rules you've broken nor an effort to improve upon this aspect, enforces this. I am not unbanning you at this time. Appeal denied. Locking and archiving.
  2. Bad luck has very little to do with you doing what was almost exactly what you were warned for prior. Just six days ago, even. I need you to understand that you're displaying a pattern of behavior here. This has nothing to do with poor luck, this is a poor decision. This is not something that barring yourself from antagonist roles will fix. Escalation is not a straight line from Point A to Point B, but a sliding scale of sorts, and you must use the scale to decide the proper plan of action. Your objective is not to reach a high level of violence in an allotted a
  3. Please use the format, which I have linked here. Right now, I have minimal interest in overturning this ban. You seem to have little regard for the rules of our server and seeing this, I'm not sure if it will change.
  4. This seems rather pointless, for instance, I can't remember the last time a character refused conversion and lived to tell the tale, on account of them being murdered to death for resisting.
  5. Oh, no. This isn't a good idea at all. Forcing people to play antag when they don't want to results in a number of things happening, 1. They will immediately cryo. Staff can simply tell people not to do this, which leads to my next point. 2. They will either throw the round or be a pisspoor antagonist. People will put effort into things if they care about them, which is why we implemented antagonist preferences and the vote draft in the first place. Forcing players into a certain role (a role that requires responsibility and skill at the game, at that) will result in little go
  6. Your notes are mostly harmless and I really believe you can use this as a chance to improve your play. I have no problem with appealing this, and I assume you understand that returning to your previous behavior really won't fly after your appeal. That said, appeal accepted. Locking and archiving.
  7. More words because I'm bad at making lots of them. I hope I can clear up some of the ambiguities of my proposal. When I say that the project functions as a thinktank, I mean that it's a collective of people sharing their research for the good of the field itself and for synthetic lifeforms. Some examples of things their members would tackle are things like expanding the senses of synthetic lifeforms, like olfactory receptors, coatings for shells with haptic feedback, porous cooling systems, gustatory receptors, artificial musculature instead of actuators, and various other experime
  8. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Organization. Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): Group that sets out to bridge the gap between organics and synthetics. How will this be reflected on-station? In concept, I want it to be something that characters can work towards in the background and connect with. We have a number of groups in our universe, but I don't feel like there's anything pertaining to the study of artificial intelligence like this. And, of course, the possibility of affiliated paraphernalia for characters to carry a
  9. I understand completely how such an incident can come off from a first look, and how such chaos on the station influenced the decision, even with the supporting testimony, but such convictions are not to be made lightly. I'd like to expand on this a bit. Yes and yes. This is the crux of the issue I'm trying to get at here. An attempted murder/murder conviction and requires a much more nuanced approach from both an IC and an OOC perspective. Such a conviction needs to be handled tactfully and investigated thoroughly before dropping the metaphorical hammer, and this is what I
  10. I understand why you might have found the tone objectionable, but I was dealing with multiple tickets for at the time for two separate issues, and opted to use a more directed approach. You were being accused of lying to administration - by the person who was ahelping. It is not shown in the note because thankfully, you weren't. It simply seemed like you got the wrong impression of a situation. Here's the note I left you.
  11. The wording can certainly be changed. I will not be removing the details of the substance (calling it toxic, specifically), or the round type from the warning, and I will add it that it was done through the merchant. I also apologize for calling rewriter alcoholic. Pretty dumb mistake, and I probably could've just doublechecked.
  12. I'm glad you understand where you went wrong. However, I will not be overturning the ban.
  13. mofo x zundy otp

    1. Mofo1995
    2. Carver


      You could tell me that they're the same person with two personalities and I'd believe it.

  14. It's all correct from what I can tell, yes.
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