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[Accepted] Unban Request - fattyacids - themuncorn

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BYOND Key: fattyacids

Total Ban Length: Ban until appeal

Banning staff member's Key:themuncorn

Reason of Ban: Griefed the engine, was rude to staff, logged out soon after

Reason for Appeal: At the time I got caught & banned I had just started playing SS13. I know that there are rules to be followed and was rude because I didnt know this. I have been playing other servers, and would like to give aurora a proper try. I will be good. I promise!

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Muncorn has since retired, so I'll handle this appeal.

You have no other previous notes and the ban was applied quite a few months ago, I'm willing to lift it, but I highly suggest you read over the rules before playing. Any kind of repeat of your past actions will result in another ban.

Appeal accepted.

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