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  1. POUR ONE OUT for real my time as a player and member of staff here were some of the best and most healing years of my life, i probably wouldn't be here without this place S I X Y E A R S I X Y E A R S
  2. It's a little hard to put into words how much respect I have for Shadow. He was made headmin shortly after I finished my mod trial over three-four years ago now, and as much as I love Abo, Shame and etc. the time that Shadow was headmin with Garn was absolutely, inarguably the most pure, fun, efficienct and genuine time playing on aurora. This period was just, inexplicably enjoyable to be a member of the community, playerbase and staff. The dude is as genuine as they get and obviously knows his stuff. I got no doubt he'll get a trial and ace the fuck out of it.
  3. o7 Words are hard, but thank you for everything.
  4. fuck it here we go drunk kat 3am picturr
  5. Please. In all my time playing here, Wizards using staff of change has always been the only thing (other than transform sting spam) that just instantly obliterates my interest in the round and convinces me to just cryo. Wizards being able to change somebody's form could still be a neat mechanic, but it would need to be something with a cooldown, maybe a cast time, not just a 'click to delet roleplay' button.
  6. Application accepted after a successful trial. Welcome back, and apologies for the delay on closing here!
  7. Please God no. This is a game where people are shot, stabbed, set on fire, crushed into paste, choked in vacuum, taken hostage, tortured, etc. Literal children have no place in SS13, or this server and it's setting. The idea of a grown ass adult roleplaying as a minor is more than a little offputting.
  8. Guess I should finally actually post here, no Dundee this time.
  9. Trial started on August 15, and will run for one month until September 15.
  10. While there hasn't been much feedback, further observation has landed us on the (admittedly lengthy) decision to move to a trial. Trial started on August 9th, and will run for one month until September 9th.
  11. Application retracted at the request of Novi. Thank you for your contribution over the past month and a bit.
  12. Application retracted at the request of Ornias. You are free to re-apply in the future.
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