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[Accepted] TheSmiley(Freya Chunley) ban appeal

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BYOND Key: (This is your Byond login/Ckey) TheSmiley

Total Ban Length: Permanent. *noting that this is a job ban*

Banning staff member's Key: DatBerry

Reason of Ban: You have the habit of going afk for a prolonged period of time and even not coming back when playing as an Officer.

Reason for Appeal: Hi. First of all, I wasn't warned before getting banned. Atleast I did not even get to acknowledge or knew I did something wrong before getting banned. This is actually kind of my first *real* job on Aurora. Or to be honest SS13. I am a pretty new player. I didn't know this was forbidden going AFK. I havn't recieved the warning until the job ban. So, I would have stopped doing that immediately if I knew. So please excuse me, and I will not do that again.

(please I will not live normally again if i won't be able to play as Chunley :(. )

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You were given a warning 3-4 days ago, and unless you check your warnings tab and acknowledge it, it will continue you give you a message everytime you login, but I guess it's easy to miss.

going afk is fine if it's for 10 minutes or max, but you would simply log off for the rest of the round, taking up the slot, or only coming back 40minutes or so later. this is not Ok, if you need to go use cryo, if you can't make it in time, ask someone in LOOC to take care of you, worst case scenario you shoot an ahelp asking to be cryo'd because you have to go right now.

I'm going to lift this ban as long as you agree to follow what I wrote above.

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