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  1. We had an FT and a detective before the bay merge, we had two detectives with FT gear after bay merge, we went back to separate titles for a reason. The FT is only similar to detectives because forensic departments have their own detectives, you'll rarely if ever see the same person looking into a microscope also interrogating a serial killer, while they sometimes cover for each other, people pick detective and FT for very, VERY distinct play. If I'm a detective I expect to be investigating in the field, looking for witnesses, interrogating suspects, accompanying the FT as look out etc, maybe even a violent confrontation, active and social. As the FT I expect to be investigating the scene, processing the evidence and coming up with theories, this is pretty stationary and I don't expect to meet any combat unless I'm on the scene. If you leave investigating to just one person it'll become physically impossible to process all the paperwork in a timely and orderly manner(not throwing everything on the floor) and interrogate suspects and witnesses before the crime is already solved because the criminal was caught breaking into the bar backroom again, I often find myself flooded with evidence and paperwork as FT when there's more than one open case, I do not want to also take the responsibilities of the detective.
  2. So you disregarded the staff member's decision that it was an IC issue and decided that since this complaint was posted it, it was no longer an IC issue? fair enough, consistent shitty IC behavior is grounds for an OOC complaint but let's continue. Yes. This round alone is a proof. A proof that you went against my orders and attacked an antagonist in which the antagonist went full destruction on the station furthering you have failed to do your duties as a Security Officer. I don't know why the antagonist here was punished but not you. People were injured because of Carmichael's actions, Head of Security Drake Bond almost nearly popped his lung over this because he was close to the breach while saving a person while you didn't care. There's a lot to unpack here, let's go with your claim of this being proof, first off, this is just your opinion, there's no logs or any hard proof. Secondly, it was declared a valid IC issue by staff Thirdly, you did not bother to investigate why ICly nor OOCly, hell, you IGNORED the explanation ICly. Fourthly, what kind of asinine mental gymnastics are you using here that made you blame the entirety of the wizards actions on Danial, hell even if he did baton them or whatever, he is not responsible for literally everything else, the only reason you would claim such is to exaggerate the kind of fuck up they pulled, and honestly this is the kind of bullshit that makes me write long ass forum posts. This is the attitude I don't like seeing nowadays. Why do you think you're having a player complaint now with including four people (including myself) pointing fingers at you? Garnascus used to have a ton of staff complaints during his mod trial, he passed it and look at him now, headmin. Just because there's a lot of complaints doesn't necessarily means the issue lays with the person being complained about This is a lie. You screamed over the security channel and face to face with other officers and attempted to order security officers to seize the wizard's staff in a presence of a Head of Security who tried to coax the wizard to calm down and discuss. I've seen you using vulgarities when you're not an antagonist, confronting an antagonist, or confronting a non-antagonist. Stress is not a good reason. People can't be silent with a shortfuse???? I've been playing Security for like two years on and off. I've seen some good and bad officers come and go. I bet you're gonna say it doesn't mean a thing, right? You shouldn't always be focused on killing antagonists as Security Officer, that is not the very basic foundation of a Security Officer. The foundation is to be protecting the crew now I know that means you'll have to out your way to find and deal with the antagonist. From what I've seen, you're always trying to chase after the antagonist like in the round I've mentioned. The point is that he's been killing antags as security without breaking the rules, more often than not antags make killing them the best option to keep crew safe. The rest was already discussed and I'm not really interested in it anyway, I'm just here to address that BS you started your post with, that's not a post made in good faith, and I'm half convinced you have an OOC grudge.
  3. There's still room for improvement but that's not to say these aren't good already. Dronz has drive to help and beg I think having more than one spriter who does nothing could encourage devs to take one more sprite heavy projects
  4. You have a chain of consistent interactions with staff, up until recently too, while the interview and application shows promise, at this point we can't really trust you to uphold the rules that you have yet to show to be able to follow without issue, we encourage you to apply in the future, after you've shown you fully understand the rules and can abide by them. But for today, your application is denied.
  5. Will this include pan frying and butter? If so you have my full support I'll even sprite for you (if you're willing to wait 5 years)
  6. Is this going to become official staff policy? We can order things with our own credit accounts for a reason, and if you're going to be enforcing this on people, I'd like it written somewhere. This is already covered under powergaming and the cross department knowledge restrictions, a janitor who gets the equipment every time to double as a full blown EMT but doesn't actually work as an EMT because they fear blood yet find them glued to dangerous situations just won't fly. This is just an excuse to be EMT with janitor access and/or only helps when they feel like it. Had they only ordered it this shift due to the ongoing situation it would've been fine, but this is something that we've noticed after the complaint, the fact that they prepare themselves as a janitor to respond to medical situations when nothing has happened because "my character is EMT qualified", even though the reason why they're not an EMT would be a deterrent to them responding to situations.
  7. Currently as it is, cyborgification is worse than execution. Not only are you killed, your brain is harvested by a corporation for profits. ICly it makes no sense to exist as a form of punishment in the "liberal" system of Tau and i don't think the populace is stupid enough to overlook something so outrages.
  8. Your earlier notes do not show a history of (too much) bad security play, so I am willing to unban you, make sure not to go SSD outside of cryogenics again.
  9. You actually get a message to re-enter your body as a ghost, it is an intended feature. Forcing someone to stay in their body is just plain stupid unless you also remove respawning, which again is just restrictive for the sake of being restrictive. I see the point of death being cheap a few months back, but i don't think it's that convenient to be cloned anymore, besides making death anymore inconvenient will just backfire, goodluck luring anyone anywhere for murder. If you think people will metagame info as a ghost you can't deny people will become extra suspicious of anyone when death is more punishing.
  10. Trial denied. applicant was informed of the feedback and are free to apply in the future.
  11. Honestly I'm against Lilly being a scientist, let alone a research director, they have the critical thinking and self expression abilities of a teenager, with emotional decisions over logic. I see no reason why they'd be a scientist, let alone one who's supposed to direct other scientists and hold them to standards, and keep an eye out for bias in scientific reports. Even after the complaint my interactions with them seemed needlessly passive aggressive at times and human in silicon all the time. -1.
  12. Why are you complaining security was doing your job when you were literally trying to search a detainee, which is in fact, their job? You have the right to request whatever they find that could be teleporting them, but if they are being arrested, it is in the security department's jurisdiction and you're basically exceeding official authority, committing theft and abusing communication channels with that bitching over the radio.
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