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*Please do not reply to this thread, PM me all questions, or join the Discord to ask! This thread is used for updates!*

What is it the SCCN?

The Station Command Communication Network, or SCCN for short is a networking program based in Discord, to allow NanoTrasen's Station Command staff to communicate and coordinate, and discuss station policy. These channels are meant for Heads of Staff AND non-Whitelistees to build a sense of community within their fields of leadership, and begin developing their own policies/programs and ideas to be enacted in game on a round-by-round basis. The ideals of acceptance, openness to criticism and improvement guide the SCCN in all that it seeks to accomplish.

How does it work?

After joining the discord, players are asked to post their main character's name in the Help Desk channel, as well as state their primary role, and any other access in the discord they may need/want. If someone is joining as a guest for the General Convention, there is a specific role for that, if someone is joining to become a Non-Head Member, they can specify their departments of interest and will be registered as such.

Because discussions with multiple people can be exasperatingly hard to keep on one topic, the necessary infrastructure has been put in place to allow any member of the SCCN to put in a request to move a specific topic to a private and specific conference room, or a voice-chat conference link. As well, the Discord itself is heavily organized, with a strong infrastructure of roles allowing members to choose specifically what they see, and categories to further sort those channels.

Goals and Purpose the SCCN

Provide Head Whitelistees':

  • A platform to communicate with one another instantly on matters of policy, regulation, etc.
  • A method to synthesize ideas and opinions to provide concentrated statements to formal server structures (Staff teams)
  • A chance to form friendships and encourage camaraderie between supervisors


Provide Non-Whitelistees':

  • A platform to communicate with Heads of Department, and whitelistees about policy, regulation, etc.
  • A chance to partake in discussions that may affect how policies are interpreted/applied ICly by Heads of Staff (as allowed)
  • A support system in the goal to apply for a Head Whitelist


Structure of the SCCN

The Station Command Communication Network is structured to provide ease of access to the specific interest of each individual member. With the latest addition of 'Specialized Channels' we continue to advanced towards expansion and inclusion for all matters not falling under a specific department. For a full list of all SCCN channels, open the spoiler below!


For leadership, the SCCN is maintained and guided by 'SCCN Staff', a catch-all for various roles such as IC Recruiters/PR people, Forum Posters, discord mods, and so on! There are plans to eventually support a democratic form of leadership, but for now as the server 'operator' , I maintain full control of the discord and the SCCN's operations.



CATEGORY: SCCN Management (SCCN Staff + Special Visitors ONLY)

#Discord Operations: For coordination between SCCN Staff in matters relating to the discord's oversight, make up, etc.

#Forum Operations: For the discussion, planning and execution of forum related business. Includes official logo development.

CATEGORY: OOC (All Members)

#Announcements: For official announcements from any SCCN Staff. (Locked to SCCN Staff)

#Help Desk: For any questions, access requests, suggestions, and basically anything relating to asking SCCN for something!

#OOC: For mingling, friendly discussion, and occasionally memes.

CATEGORY: General IC Channels (Dynamic Access)

#SCCN Bar: IC channel for general mingling, camaraderie and building friendships!

#Command: For the discussion of policy relating to the management of Heads of Staff and Command operation, as well as management styles.

#Security: For the discussion of Security policy, tactical situation handling, management style and ideas.

#Medical: For discussion of medical policy, training and treatment learning, management styles and ideas.

#Science: For the discussion of science policy, research methods, management styles.

#Engineering: For the discussion of engineering policy, management styles, engine and atmospherics design.

#Service and Supply: For the discussion of service and supply management, station monetization.

CATEGORY: Specialized IC Channels (All Members, New and In-Dev!)

#Species Affairs: For discussion and questions for non-Human species, to provide cultural insight to Human heads on how to properly address, treat and work with non-Human species.

#Internal Affairs: For interaction and discussion about 'Internal Affairs' related business. This is NOT a place to complain about crew members. This is a place to possibly share audits/employee reviews, request information/opinions on programs you want to run.

#Regulations: For discussion of all codified policy (CorpReg, Station Directives, CCIA Notices), and the interpretation and proper enforcement of them.

#Health and Safety: For discussions about health and safety matters on the station.

#Voting and Democracy: Used for any and all votes in the SCCN. Wiped before every new vote.




Why am I, a non-Whitelistee, interested?


Station policy, regulations and any other sort of programs run by a Head of Staff are everyone's business! As such, we're absolutely welcoming non-Heads to join and have unrestricted access to our channels to discuss these sorts of things with us! It's a great place to build a rapport with whitelisted players if you're looking at an upcoming application, and can serve as a great forum for you to express your frustrations on how Command is doing!

You can join directly to our Help Desk channel to register with this link https://discord.gg/YBy3FFc , once you've joined, you can do one of two things!

A) Register as an active member! We have a forum signature badge and you can stay long-term! You'll be given a rank in the Discord reflective of your character's department and able to ICly have discussions.

B) Register as a General Conference Visitor! You'll be able to stay until GenCon is closed, at which point you can either register or be kicked! GenCon is an OOC channel so you will not be able to ICly interact with people this way! You'll also get the privilege of using our General Conference Participant forum badge for your signature!


The General Conference


The General Conference, or 'GenCon', is a full-group discussion with all SCCN members involved on various large topics. It's done in an OOC format for the sake of being able to express ourselves clearly and properly, and at the end of it, my intention is to post a summary of what has been discussed! GenCon has now been closed! Thank you to everyone that contributed!

A new General Conference may be called by a simple majority vote of members, and an agenda may be formulated by members. Otherwise, one General Conference is planned to occur every two months


Official Logos

The following are the various logos used by the SCCN and its members. If you wish to use either of the official badges, please contact me!

Official Logo *Credits to [mention]nursiekitty[/mention]




General Conference Official Logo *Credits to Azande and Logomakr



Official Membership Signature Badge




General Conference Participation Signature Bar


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Official Update


The Station Command Communication Network is happy to announce the NanoTrasen Worker's Association!

The Worker's Association will be working as an independent organ receiving structural/organizational support from the SCCN in terms of utilizing our discord, and SCCN Facilitators will be handling the initial setup of the group, including ELECTIONS!

We understand some players may be iffy, or confused about this, they may even cry out, 'Unions are evil!' , but this is not a union. This group does not exist to scream at administration staff to demand better pay, or to strike in the bar. This group will be here to provide characters in game with a resource that Command Staff (mostly through the SCCN) will be able to call on for second opinions and to help make the best decisions in game.

This includes handling mediation of conflicts that Command Staff are too busy to do, having someone to discuss your concerns with when you believe you are being treated unfairly, and advocating on your behalf. The Worker's Association is not here to ever fight with or attempt to usurp the place of our already existing station authorities, (Command, Internal Affairs), and will be working closely with them to ensure this does not happen.

Four groups will be the initial make-up of the association, these are the: General Committee, made up of all members and handles general oversight/management, Morale and Recruitment Team, responsible for recruitment efforts, and employee morale/recognition, Advocacy Team, made up of all appointed Advocates (the equivalent to a Union Rep) which further on-station efforts, and the Species Affairs Committee, which handles advocacy for non-human employees and reviews species-related issues, and focuses on improving the environment for xenos.

The leader of the Worker's Association will be a democratically elected President, who shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association, and responsible for being it's driving force and voice. The President will have the ability to create new teams/committees, appoint Worker's Association officers (Vice President, Team Lead, etc) .

A thread will be created shortly in the IC section of the forums to facilitate standing nominations for the position of Worker's Association President, and at the same time, membership will open for those not wishing to be President. You are able to be a member of the SCCN or WA, and not be a member of both if you don't wish to be. The two will operate separately as sister organizations, with no obligation of either group's members to interact except for leadership.

For more information, contact me directly or join the SCCN Discord.

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