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engineering perma ban

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BYOND Key: xXTheFurryXx

Total Ban Length: indefinite

Banning staff member's Key: incognitojesus

Reason of Ban: Violated cciaa ban

Reason for Appeal:The CCIAA ban was over a year old. I had forgotten it was a permanent ban and was under the impression that it was a typical temp ban of six weeks. Will be submitting an appeal for CCIAA but would like to be able to play my other engineers in the mean time.

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I'm fine with lifting this so long as you understand that logging on as Biphen Isra in any engineering position will constitute another ban that won't be removed as easily as this one. Furthermore, seeking a transfer into any engineering position as Biphen will also result in the ban being reapplied until the CCIAA appeal is acted upon. And if the appeal is denied, then you still may not play as Biphen in engineering. So long as you understand all that, I can just lift this as it was only placed for procedure anyways.

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Yeah I understand it, like I said I had forgotten that the CCIAA thing was permanent, I was under the impression it was a typical 6 week temp ban. Not a permanent ban with ability to appeal after 6 weeks. It was over a year ago after all, Honest mistake that I wont be making again. No engineering bip till after the appeal is resolved. Thanks for resolving this quickly.

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