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Banned for Self Harm and Antagonistic Actions

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Byond account: lordpuj

Banned Oct. 9, 2017

Permabanned by sleepywolf

First off, I am very much in the wrong here. I wanted to try an antogonist role for the first time, but I wasn't made an antogonist that round. So, I made the very dumb decision to just be an antogonist despite being a regular janitor. I broke into the security captain's room and stole his antique blaster. I wish I could tell you the name of the admin who responded, but I can't remember. I'm sure they remember me though since we were back and forthing for a while. Basically, they asked why I did it, I said I wanted to be an antagonist and they told me how to do it, and very mercifully didn't ban me, saying that I should just finish this round and then try to play by my assigned role in the future. I heard people mention that they were going to get the captains gun, and out of curiosity I went to his room again. There I was taken in and interrogated, then made to do prison time. By the time I was let out, it was around 1:00 in the morning, so I wanted to wrap things up. I had been very cooperative with the security, so there was no suspicion of me, so I wanted to reveal my dastardly ways before turning in for the night. I did this in the worst way possible, of course, by jamming a knife into my chest in the security lobby then running through the station. When I passed out, I signed off. 10 minutes later, I returned to my computer after realizing what a stupid idea that was. Sure enough, banned for self harm and general tomfoolery by sleepywolf. Now I know that I obviously should have been banned and there's not much I can say to defend myself, but I really don't want to get banned from Aurora. It's leaps and bounds ahead of the other servers in terms of structure and feel. I was so close to coming back tomorrow and playing as any other player would, but it was ruined for me by a few throwaway decisions. Just today I got another one of my friends intrigued by the game, and tomorrow I was planning on playing with them on Aurora. I know I haven't done much more than present a sob story, but I can't do any more than promise that I'll abide by the rules in the future. It was a series of dumb decisions all in the span of a few hours, and I wish I could take it all back. Please consider removing the ban.

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Sure thing, I'm willing to give a second chance. Make sure to read our rules, especially playing sane characters and doing antagonistic things as a non-antag.

The trial mod that applied the first warning was TheDocOct, they spoke to you both times that round. They agree with the unban, just make sure to shapen up that sort of stuff.

Unban appeal accepted.

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