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A "Mute Instruments" Button


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Please. For the love of God. If I hear the space violin rendition of Greensleeves one more time, I might do something drastic. The worst part is, some of my characters has no problem with it, so I don't have an IC reason to run at them, take it from their hands, and toss it in disposals like I might otherwise.

Just let me mute the instruments like I can the jukebox.


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I'm all for this as I'd usually have to mute the whole game which has obvious disadvantages cause my girlfriend would actually murder me if I left it on even though I do love Randy Newman's 'You got a friend in me' on the violin as well as some other tunes. She barely tolerates the sound of doors as is. The violin (and instruments in general) gives her visions of smashing this laptop so +1.

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