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  1. Conspiir

    Allakai's Skrell Whitelist

    SecSquid! Good choice! Skrellgineering lies in wait Now I get to ask my favorite question! Who or what is Xib to dear Qexel? And, perhaps more importantly, how do they pronounce "Qexel"?
  2. Conspiir

    Give Skrell Sol Common

    Do you have any idea how cool that idea is? I'm so for that! If a Human cares enough about understanding Skrell language to get a cochlear implant, I--and most Skrell characters--would be honored. It's not something every human would suddenly understand (that's cheap) just as Sol Common wouldn't be something most Skrell would bother with if TCB works so well. You guys are talking about languages like they're property. A language belongs to a species, forget what makes logical sense. A species language is how characters can comfortably bash the aliens around them without them knowing and laugh behind their backs. But what if the alien knows the language? Suddenly you've opened up an entirely new roleplay opportunity. "You were eavesdropping!" "You aren't supposed to know this language!" "How did you learn xxx language?" This happens in real life, too. Think that white guy in the aisle can't understand Spanish? Think again! Language shouldn't be what divides. It should be what brings us together.
  3. Conspiir

    Give Skrell Sol Common

    TCB was actually made prior to the discovery of the Skrell, believe it or not. If this is the reason it was made, I suggest a loredev look at the timeline of its creation again, because it doesn't really add up. If they can't speak it, which I have no problem with, they should be able to understand it. But that takes more code. When someone mentioned the ability to understand, but not speak, the obvious example was "Well, borgs can do that!" but there was some issue with translating that to people, I think.
  4. Conspiir

    Yonnimer's Skrell App

    Engineering will eventually be overtaken by the squishies. Yonn can handle Skrell, of this I have no doubt. Despite being a filthy synth. We all make mistakes. How does Quell view humanity and other species? They're interested in their job, certainly, but what about the coworkers he's going to be around most often?
  5. Conspiir

    Implement Skrell Shared Dreaming

    Lore-wise, aluminium is the way very rich Skrell prevent their dreams from leaking. I'd take that up with Sleepy.
  6. Conspiir

    Implement Skrell Shared Dreaming

    I have a question. Do Skrell in the Srom have any indication of how the body they left behind is faring? Are they able to know if they are dying? And can they still succumb?
  7. Conspiir

    Revert The Dangers of Teleportation #5651

    This. Telescience puts people off because "Eugh, lot of math, lot of testing... maybe later." Now it's "I could literally kill people on accident just by testing. I'll probably get ahelped for it. Time to never mess with telescience testing ever." It will go the way of the Tesla: There, but totally unused by even the people that know how to use it.
  8. Conspiir

    Racial Traitor Items

    I demand wrist EMPs for Skrell. There is lore for this.
  9. Conspiir

    Potential Forum Designs

    There's apparently a limit on how many times/how often you can edit your post (the answer is once, and I used it to actually finish my post.) The more I look at Titan, the more I like the way it handles post-separation a lot more. If the background of Titan can be the blank black one instead of giant skeleman, I'm more for that.
  10. Conspiir

    Potential Forum Designs

    I'm all for Brave. Anything dark and sleek is good.
  11. Conspiir

    Minor Mapping suggestions [!]

    Give miners access to the surface level cargo exit. Please. For the love of all things. They can take the elevator like everyone else and it's one door preventing them from being in a public place.
  12. Conspiir

    Shifted Community?

    Trust me, the server doesn't stop shifting. I played (and modded) back in 2015. Back then, I was a huge proponent for the idea antags were meant to tell a story, not play to win, and sometimes you let little things go to not shut them down. I was ignored by a lot of people. When I graduated high school, I jumped ship from SS13 because I realized I didn't want to be a part of the community in the next stage of my life. Fast forward to 2017, it's like an entirely different place. Antags aren't just encouraged to interact and have a gimmick, they're expected to. I was very excited to play SS13 again! How cool was that? An entire culture change in just two years. Maybe I wasn't puffing air after all. Maybe when I felt like no one was listening, people were. (Plus I remember Alb when he was a snot-nosed human miner pleb, and I find it amusing). I eventually dropped again around this time as my exams got tough and the classes the semester after got even tougher and my dear friend didn't enjoy the game anyway, so we played what we both enjoyed. And then I got a craving again, so I came back at the end of this past summer. It was all different again. And you know what? A year from now, it'll all be different yet again. Maybe it'll be to your liking, maybe it'll be to my liking, maybe not. NBT is coming. Even if we don't go full monty on it, some bits will end up with us. And those bits will cause another change in how things go. There is no "Good old days." The good old days were terrible, too, you just didn't see it (or remember it that way). There is only the now and the future from now. Change is happening right now; go be apart of it and make your mark!
  13. Conspiir

    Allow the grabbing of items inside layered containers

    I support this. This would be very big QOL. You can open a box to see what's inside while it's in your backpack already--Just let me go the extra half centimeter and take it out. I'm already looking at it.
  14. Conspiir

    Removal of Overnutrition

    So you're saying we could still technically get overhydrated even now? If we match the nutrition with how hydration is (i.e. being able to drink as much as we'd like) that's fine. If someone is going to clear a counter, it's going to get cleared. The chubbiness and getting fat and slow is fine, that's great, I like that. But not being able to force any more food down is bad, I don't like that, I've only eaten four slices of pizza.
  15. Conspiir

    Vedai's Bath

    What sort of Skrell attempts to drown themselves? This one, apparently. Not literally. Only in spirit. My best thoughts have been had in the water. Submerged in an ice bath seemed the best way to finally have a session to think. I haven’t done it since I came to Tau Ceti. Has it really been a year? Over. By at least a month. Or two. And I need to think. My skin needs me to think. A bath may stave off the itching from the dryness, but the cause must be deeper. Thus, freeze-shocking myself into a thought state. I haven’t done this since I left home. Home. Is it even that? Kan’Quilora. Do I miss my biodome? … Yes, in a way. It was nice having space to move about. This apartment is small compared my old house. (Smaller compared to the one before that.) And the water was better there. Something does not feel right about ODIN water. Maybe I’m imagining it and it’s just fine. Either way, this bath is satisfying. It was a good choice to buy a few gallons of water and a few pounds of ice and fill the tub by hand. The ceiling isn’t the best view. Maybe I should put up a poster. No, I need to clear my mind of distractions. I’m cold enough. It’s time. I close my eyes. "… Da! Da! Da! I-It’s good—to talk ‘gain!" "Easy, Little Leaf. You heard the doctor." "Y-Yes, Da! I will be careful." "Doctor, how long until her voice recovers from this surgery?" "Hard to determine. The scabs were quite large along her esophagus. Less than a week until she is speaking as she was before, I’d say. Keep it to important vocalizations. Her telepathic ability is strong enough so long as she gets adequate rest." "D-Da! Da!" "Yes, my Little Leaf? You heard the doctor, only say the important words." "I-It is important!" "Go on then." "I love you!" Inhale. "You need to stop." "I’ll do no such thing." "Vedai, we are not feeding the corpse to a Dionae." "She loved them. She was going to grow up and research them. You wouldn’t know that. You were never there." "I'm sensible enough to know how the corpse should be dispos—" "Shut your mouth! She is not a corpse. She is my daughter." "Our daughter." "MY daughter." "I have already had it cremated!" "You fucking cow! How dare you." "It was for the bes—" "Don’t take another step. Don’t talk to me! I want you out! If I see your face again, I can't promise I won't kill you!" For once, she listened. Haven’t heard her voice in decades. Haven’t thought of her voice, either. Why do I have to think about her now of all times? Is she the cause of my condition? No. That’s long past. I don’t think about her. So don’t think about her. Exhale. "Farewell, Vedai! I hope Tau Ceti brings you happiness." "Go with peace, fellow!" "Tell our stories!" I push past all of them. None of them will ever leave this place. They will mine on until the day they die. I should be doing the same. There’s good in doing the same. The Traverse needs us. But I can’t. One last Skrell stops my path. "You aren’t returning, are you?" "… I will. In an urn. Goodbye, Vishkal." I push past him. Inhale. A year and a half since then. What have I accomplished? A small reputation of good ore yields. A bigger reputation of being an insufferable asswipe. Fairly advanced spoken Basic. Passable written Basic (I can spell “right” correctly now). And friends. I do have friends. “Are you okay, Viddy?” "Don't cark it, rano!" “Hey, Vidya!” "L-Let's head to the b-b-bar!" “Vedai, I sswear—” Exhale. Perhaps that’s it. Someone like Guwan could never understand what it’s like, when being a sheep is in your DNA. Your parents, your grandparents, your great-grandparents—all of them, every last one, a quiet life going along with whatever the government might say. Outward resistance, strength against policy you don’t stand for, the ability to fight back… not on Kan’Quilora. Not in the Jargon Empire. It is an Empire, isn't it? How better to keep an empire strong than to keep your people fat and entertained? “Bread and Circuses.” Having met Guwan, maybe I should have been born an Unathi. My life wouldn’t be simpler, by any means, but— Inhale. I can feel my downstairs neighbor moving around their kitchen. I’ve floated too long. But I still lack the source of my stress. What causes stress? Stressful things. But what do I have to be stressed about? Nothing has changed. My life for a year hasn’t been suddenly shaken. I have food (never enough. Stars, why is it never enough?), I have a house, I have a job I enjoy, and I socially interact (with actual scum of the universe sometimes, but I was warned about Ceti… “hospitality”). Other times, of course, I have great interactions. Times I’ve felt great peace. It is nice, having a good friend. I’ve not had one like this before. It’s been so long, I almost— Exhale. … I know the source of my stress. I open my eyes. I don’t know if any Skrell neighbors could hear my telepathic screaming. I hope not. It’s embarrassing in the aftermath.