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  1. If Tajara get their own representative type, it would only make sense for every other race to have one as well. Skrell, Vaurca, and Unathi are obvious, with Dionae possibly tacked on with Skrell interests if that route is one we want to go on. IPCs have their own factions, but I don't know enough to say which one would be best (my first thought is SIM, though). My mind is also jumping to possible Elyran, Dominian, and Eridani (suit, not dreg) representatives. This is a good chance to open up IAA-type play to a lot more possibilities. I'd say it's fine to give it a trial-run now, but to also keep in mind that representatives will be really Human and Tajara based with an IPC or two. It won't be too far, demographically, from what we already have, except... well, being a Tajara would be easier.
  2. A very overdue change, for sure. Though I do like emergency responders having their own green shade as far as medical is concerned. It helps in picking them out of a crowd (to the point where I think Emergency Physicians should have green labcoats, though they currently spawn with EMT jackets) and distinguishing them from other medical personnel. I will say that the collar looks a bit like a strange hood. Perhaps a pixel too think? I don't really know. The + symbol looks oddly placed on it. There might also be just a tad too much black in the design, too. I think if you give color to the few pixels below the + on the back, and shorten the front bottom trim down one pixel, it might give a bit more color to it. Or it might just look like shit.
  3. If cargo were not given the grace of it not being illegal, security would be within their right to come in and confiscate anything they'd consider dangerous that they might've seen on the cameras. The same applies whenever research decides to make a gun. If this regulation were to not exist, the jobs of weapons researchers and cargo techs would be severely hampered if security came in demanding they turn over their dangerous items. Not that they should. But they could. The idea is not to just allow that, that whatever is in the warehouse belongs to NanoTrasen. Anyone removing items for personal use (not professional use; distributing to workplaces is part of the job and part of the reason this regulation protects the warehouse) is a thief. If the item is considered a part of non-regulation gear, is dangerous, is anything considered an illegal item to possess for your station, then it is contraband. That being said, it would probably make sense for it to be a theft and contraband charge depending on the item. What I think you should be lobbying for, is a reduction specifically to the severity of non-weapon contraband charges. Things that wouldn't be considered dangerous shouldn't have 15 minutes of brig time, I think. (Though I might say a metal foam grenade might be skirting the line if you consider how fucking terrifying it would be to suddenly be encased in walls, even if they were weak walls. It'd give me nightmares personally.)
  4. I'm okay with these, but like said above, they don't look quite like leather. They look like soft fleece, which is fine, but shouldn't be called leather. They do look like they'd have a hood? I think the issue is the lack of stiff shiny-ness.
  5. Technically, any job can do fine as a mute person if you make signals and use a PDA. But there's a difference between "Urist blows into the mic." and "Urist says, 'Hey, there's a nest of carp DIRECTLY above the mining airlock, so, uh. Watch out, and also come help me.'" It should not be a requirement to know sign language to be able to talk to your coworker safely while EVA (much like checking your phone while walking, it isn't exactly safe to check your PDA while EVA. Funny thing, a miner has actually fallen and died while doing so in the past and it was pretty hilarious, especially since the trauma he got was muteness.) which is why I think EVA jobs should not be mute. I also believe that mute scientists/roboticists (not xenobios or xenoarchs or plasma researcherbombpeople) could also work, but the more exceptions made, the more difficult the rule becomes to wrangle and remember. They're safe in the station and, when they need to talk to people, can PDA without putting themselves or others at risk, because the only people they are communicating with are right in front of them. And that, really, is where the bar is in my mind. You have to be able to do your job to a satisfactory standard AND not put yourself or others in danger. Service covers that, and so does cargo tech so long as they aren't PDAing their miners to distract them.
  6. Pulling punches causes no damage. There are times when you want to cause damage, but not so much they bleed violently and medical and security lose it. That (correct me if I'm wrong) is the intent of the suggestion. As for the suggestion: punching, I think, does not make much sense for how clawed they are. As humans will break their thumb if they punch incorrect, Taj and Unathi will slice their palms if they punch incorrectly. Maybe some kind of (not default) backhanded bitchslap would make more sense. Otherwise, yeah, pretty hard to punch if your claws prevent you from doing so.
  7. Some people have skill with paint. Others have skill with memes. I decided to tap into a relatively-unknown market: Windows Movie Maker. So I've slapped together some old Vine videos with low-tier effort applied and well... enjoy.
  8. Alright. So uh. Back in the day, there was a rule put in place where mute characters could not be in fields other than service or civ. It shuffled some characters out of their job, and it has since also forced some characters to not be mute anymore. The Rule was put... somewhere (?) and seems to be forgotten, wherever it is. It was an understanding of people around at the time. We've gotten new players since then. There was an argument on the shuttle today in looc about mute miners, of which there are now two, without admin interjection on the topic. Which seems to imply that the Rule, mentioned above, is not so much in effect anymore, because mute miners were among those not allowed (you could be a cargo tech, but not a miner in civ. It was deemed too dangerous). Basically, is the Rule still in effect, and in what capacity? If it is not, I'd like to know. If it is, can it be put down somewhere for people, new and old, to view? Maybe when you select the Mute disability (though I know it's often better to NOT select the mute disability so you can still do headset emotes), or in the rules proper under Creating Characters? I'd just like some clarity, something to give some kind of confirmed yes or no.
  9. Basically this. Doxx just pulled the words directly from my brain and put them down for me, so all I need to say is "I agree."
  10. I think I like a mix of the blue and the silver tools. Like, some tools look a lot alike (even now), so the color would help. For example, use the silver version of the hemostat and blue version of the bone setter, and the silver version of the cautery and blue version of the scalpel. The bone saw we go with should probably still be powered to fit with the current effects (and sound) it has as a violent tool, so perhaps not the middle version. I'd really love to see them spread out on a surgical table. The other things do look quite cartoony. Not wholly sold on them. They just look large, I think. Though I like how it shows how "used up" the kits are.
  11. I appreciated your work. Then the longer I looked at it, and the more time passed, I appreciated it more. Then I thought, "Free real estate" and added the Beisel flag to see what it looked like. I thought it was pretty neat, but it's your work so it's your call whether this concept should be added to the pool. Also a picture of how it looks on discord
  12. When I play, I play to forget myself and my shortcomings. One of my biggest shortcomings is how distracted I get by things moving on my screen. I can't play bullet hell games or things that even have a film grain filter on them because all I do is stare at the effect, not what I actually need to. I can manage pretty well in 3D games and the like, for some reason, but with 2D games if it's flashy, my eyes malfunction and my brain can't process. Now there's suddenly things spinning around the screen, bubbles jolting around every few seconds. "What's the difference?" you ask. "Things already moved across the screen, speech bubbles already appeared." Yes. But they were flat. There was no motion to them except for when motion was needed to convey the intent (What side a door was being hit from with an object, where the thrown object is going/ended up) but now there's more than that (the object grows and shakes a little when the door is hit, the object spins wildly regardless of what is thrown--including PEOPLE, the bubble--even if someone already has the typing indicator going--re-appears and looks like its jumping and oh, right, I need to actually pay attention to what they said so I can pretend to be a fictional person). It's nauseating for me to think about, actually. I know I'm pretty alone in that, but I really don't feel like playing the game when I think about all of that. It's far worse than when there was undue auditory noise. At least with that I could mute the game. But unless I add in a "Blind" disability I can't avoid them. I think part of the reason it hurts more than it would any other 2D game is because I know what the game is like without them. It isn't something I was forcing myself to get through from the beginning (see: Binding of Isaac's womb filter in all its movement and Conspiir-distracting glory). So I've taken a bit of a break, hoping my brain will reboot itself when it sees them again.
  13. Backpacks are far more popular than satchels when it comes to carrying things. I've not met many people that use satchels over a backpack, because backpacks are ubiquitous. Schoolchildren to airplane passengers to natural disaster preppers. They are easy to find, and cheap to purchase. Thus, it makes sense that backpacks are the default.
  14. I actually have some code for something like this. I found it from another server (my notes are somewhere on this computer, I'd have to find it, but it's late). They come in packets and go into your mask slot. You get a taste of some kind of flavor, say, mint, while it's being chewed (complete with blowing bubbles--of color!--because it's on your character). Once it runs out of reagent, it becomes a trash item called "chewed gum." I never finished the end of the code, because I didn't know how I wanted it to end. The easiest way would be if it went like a cigarette and the chewed gum dropped like a cigarette butt does. But. That seems a bit rude to just spit out your gum when it runs out of flavor.
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