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Zack and the Elevator

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The shift began like any other shift. Zack Heckendora, medical doctor, was sitting in the medical lobby, bored out of his mind. He had just finished a captivating discussion with his newfound six-legged insectoid friend about human genders and how to determine them. Now he was all alone, waiting for the next patient to arrive with whatever minor boo-boo they happened to be complaining about. Suddenly, an officer walked in, and barked at Zack to find a hiding spot. Of course, he disregarded this until he heard the paramedic begin to talk in some strange tongue over comms. The language was one that Zack hadn't heard in many years, but he most certainly knew exactly what it meant. He immediately jumped up from his chair, and walked over to the sub-level elevator. He took the lift down, and began to think of possible hiding spots. He grabbed one of the equipment lockers from storage, and carried it over to the conference room. Zack hid the door at the back of the room, and went inside. He suddenly became accutely aware of the lack of noise coming from comms, and knew that he had made the right choice. He then hears the clearly possessed paramedic again, warning of an impending attack on medbay. Zack isn't fooled, and as soon as he hears the psychologist respond, he knew he had to do something. He warns the psychologist of the obvious trap using his trusty PDA, informing him of his location. As Zack starts to persperate from the stuffy locker, he begins to pray. He asks the lord to deliver himself from from foulness and sin, and to protect him in this time of need. Zack continues to wait for what seems like hours, listening to the satanists spread more lies and misinformation. Suddenly, the voice of an angel speaks out over comms. The brave and valiant ERT has arrived, and is here to answer his prayers! He double checks with the head of security, Olivia Catherine, who informs Zack that the main-level of medical was already cleared out by the team. Zack leaves the locker and strides over to the elevator, ready to begin his duties once again. As he reaches the elevator, he notices something strange. The lift button appeared to be on, while the doors were locked. Puzzled, but filled with excitement, Zack comes to the conclusion that the elevator doors are jammed. Being the smart man that he is, he decides to look for an alternate entrance. Sure enough, someone removed the wall outside the shaft, leaving the perfect entrance for Zack to walk into. Filled with excitement, he steps into what he assumes is the elevator. But then he notices something peculiar. The elevator music is coming from above him, and while this is normal, it almost sounds distant, like it's somehow coming down from the heavens... The music then rapidly begins to increase in volume. Zack slowly raises his gaze, and looks up at the solid metal floor bearing down upon him. The music fills his ears, drowning him in its sickly screeching.


Zack opens his eyes, and feels himself inside his body. He suddenly begins to feel himself float upward, light as a feather. As he rises upwards, he starts to hear a melody. Softly at first, but progressively getting louder. He's heard this song before. The music doesn't stop, it only continues to rise in volume. Zack tries to scream, but whatever noise his ethereal form just made, it is drowned out by the music. There is only it now, the song, never ending, and Zack cursed for the rest of eternity to listen.

Moral of the story:

God isn't real.

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