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[Accepted] Isaac Salvor ban.

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BYOND Key: IsaacSalvor

Total Ban Length: No remaining time. The ban was applied on 2017-05-04 22:50:06.

Banning staff member's Key: themuncorn.

Reason of Ban: Attacked people for no reason, possible metagame.

Reason for Appeal: When I got banned I was starting to play SS13, I didn't know the rules. I was a newbie, I don't remember what I've done but it was a stupid mistake. " Not knowing the rules isn't an excuse for breaking 'em! I would like to apologize to this server and themuncorn for this griefing. " It's been doing two months since I play everytime, I take SS13 seriously. I would like to play medical doctor on a heavy roleplay server and learn some thing. It doesn't really matter if i'm permanent OOC muted if I'm unabnned. I'm banned from this server since 2017-05-04 and I'm really motivated to play on this server. Have a nice day.

~ Isaac Salvor.

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Hello, the banning staff member has retired, I will be taking over your appeal.


themuncorn has permabanned isaacsalvor. - Reason: Attacked people for no reason, possible metagame, DC'd when PM'd. - This is a permanent ban.


this is the full ban reason, do note that the disconnecting on PM part is likely what lead to a permanent ban.

I'm willing to lift the ban, but you will have to read the rules fully and consider your self on thin ice regarding basic rule violations, anything like chucklefucking, self antagging etc will result in the permaban being re-applied, I don't expect you to not break any rule at all, but some basic understanding of the play style we want should be achieved.

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