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Jawdat Organization Task Force(Visible to IA/Cmnd./Sec)

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>USER: cmiller@nanotrasen.net.

>PASS: ***********












"Afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I'm sure you've all seen the evidence lately, or maybe heard the rumors around the office involving organized criminal activities onboard the civilian-class research vessel, the NSS Aurora. Several weeks ago, a large sum of funds was confirmed to have disappeared from station accounts. In the past few days, multiple employees provided testimonies to the station's internal security service suggesting that certain company employees are currently involved in organized crime. Following a thorough internal affairs investigation of these events, I believe we've set up sufficient ground work to give the green-light on setting up a corporate task force to find those responsible. Over the next few weeks, possibly even months, the internal affairs department here on the NMSS Odin will be organizing a volunteer-built task force built of medium-level management, the internal affairs department, and select internal security employees dedicated to running audits on employees suspected to have had a hand in this. Applicants need only respond to this system-wide broadcast, (preferably with any evidence you may have) to my corporate messaging address."





((Alright. Essentially, a counter-movement to Jackboot's Jawdat Crime Organization. I've cleared the creation of this thread/initiative with the admin team, the mod team, and Jackboot himself. All have approved of its creation. If the admin-team or Jackboot himself requests that this initiative be dissolved, then they need only PM me. I am on their side, and will comply with all requests issued by them. Furthermore, if this becomes a serious problem OOCly, ie, immersion breaking, deemed as a means of unrestrained powergaming/metagaming, it will be dissolved. Concerns may be expressed to me via forum PM.

As is Jawdat's organization, anyone is cleared to join this initiative. The only pre-requisites being that you have either an internal affairs agent character, or a command character. Select security-characters have may also be selected, however I plan for very few characters outside of CC/IA/Command to be involved in this initiative, as it would be classified as a subdivision of the internal affairs department. Furthermore, only characters cleared to work with the task force (That being players that have PM'd myself, expressed interest for their character(s) to join the initiative, and are recognized as associates of the task force) will have access to the evidence/information that may be archived here.

The point of my constructing this organization is for players looking to act as an opposing force to the Jawdat organization have something to unify behind, and to share/archive evidence compiled against the crime-organization from rounds on the server. This has been an on-going thing since the inception of Jawdat's organization, however has not been officialized until now.

The general rules for task force players are this:

  • In order for evidence to be considered canon (and therefore valid to be posted on this thread, and acted on by other task force members in future rounds,) both parties must agree OOCly that the incident itself is canon. This includes tesitmonies by crew, and MOST CERTAINLY arrests made on criminals that have confessed involvement with the Jawdat organization This would mean that...

    Urist McWitness(Player A) speaks with Urist McAgent(Player B). The agent records the testimony of the witness.

    At the end of the round. Player A and Player B would agree OOCly that this event would be canon.


    Urist McThug(Player A) is arrested for committing crimes. Whilst detained, they confess to Urist McDetective(Player B) or Urist McAgent(Player B) that they carried out these crimes for the Jawdat organization(and from what I've been told by Jackboot, retainers for the Jawdats are supposed to have his explicit approval before doing these illegal things.). Again, Player A and Player B would have to both OOCly agree for this information to be valid evidence.
  • Evidence that is found to be OOCly invalid will be considered non-canon. Be prepared to have OOC support backing any evidence that you post on this thread.
  • You are not to make arrests based off of evidence listed on this thread. If sufficient evidence is amassed as a result of this task force, I will speak to Jackboot about having some sort of law enforcement event take place off-station (The evidence will likely be turned over to Sol Alliance peacekeepers, and action/prosecution will ensue), but this will left at his discretion. Such an event will require his explicit OOC permission, as well as the OOC permission of all those involved before it's even remotely considered viable.
  • The OOC purpose of this initiative is not, "lolarrestjawdats." It is to provide a fun, two-sided challenge to players. Classic outlaws vs. Peacekeepers. This will hopefully be a drawn-out thing, and an interesting experience for Jawdat-sympathizers, and law-enforcing individuals.
  • Yes, the IC-purpose of a task force is to compile evidence, and obtain a conviction. Let us keep in mind that Nanotrasen is not a law-enforcing body. The evidence compiled would either be used to terminate the employment of those involved, or turned over to Alliance police. Possibly both. As stated previously, you are not to take action based off of this evidence without Jackboot and myself having confirmed it. Simply PM one of us to start this process, and together, we will decide what sort of action will be taken.
  • Normal server rules are to be abided by task force members. You are not using this initiative to topple server rules. Yes, by being involved in this whole ordeal, you are borderline breaking the 'metagrudging,' rule, which is why I have sought out permission from the admin/mod team before processing this. When in doubt, attain the OOC permission of all those involved in the incident. As stated, if this becomes a problem, the entire project will be scrapped.

Forum PM myself on this post for any questions you may have. This thread is considered a work in progress, and will likely be subject to several revisions over the next few weeks.

Those interested in joining the initiative need only message me their character's name, standard station rank. Note that this does not automatically entitle you a spot on the task force. Think logically. A project manager likely wouldn't approve of enlisting a low-paid janitor with multiple felonies on record. As specified, those characters involved are expected to hold internal affairs positions, investigative security positions (Detective, CSI), and command.))

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Project Manager/IA Administrator - Agent Calvin Miller ((Serveris6)

Investigation Coordinator/Central Liaison - Agent Grant Steele ((Doomberg))

Investigator - Agent Marshall Iovine ((IncognitoJesus))

Investigator - Agent Becky Otis ((Wittly))

Investigator - Agent Elina Rushworth ((PumpkingSlice))

Investigator - Agent Dorian Bonds ((BlueScope))

Investigator, Forensic - Crime Scene Investigator Ana Roh'hi'tin ((SueTheCake))

Task Force Benefactor - Captain Elena Raschnikova ((Bokaza))

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