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[Accepted] BasedLime Unban request

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BYOND Key: BasedLime

Total Ban Length: Perma *sad violin*

Banning staff member's Key: datberry

Reason of Ban: Rule violations dating back to 2014 (been playing near daily for years) 2 Perma bans on record. and no signs of improvement. You've managed to suicide on round end, you should've known better....

Reason for Appeal: I was playing as a phoron researcher today, on my 3rd shift of the day on the station. All rounds science ftw! I came back to my computer and the departures was leaving in 2 mins, I rushed to departures and boarded with little time to spare but managed to pull an energy bow along with me that I hadn't dropped. I realized this was a problem but I just held onto it because I didn't want anybody to think it was a toy. I'm sitting around examining things and boop I drop the bow and die and read my chat to see that I had clicked on myself... Now it may seem hard to believe but I default put my targeting on the mouth for both CPR and Robust mouth punch purposes, but today I found myself to be terribly unlucky. I said oops in OOC, and was going to ahelp when the moderator contacted me first, asking why I died. I tried to explain that I had simply misclicked myself and didn't realize that I had done it untill it was too late, stated that I shouldn't have had it in my hands in the first place and that the accident was likely karma and that I was sorry and didn't mean anything by it.

The moderator only looked at my history, and booted me from the server... I just got unbanned and I really wasn't trying to get banned at all, what happened to me was simply an accident. I take RP very seriously, I feel its why I find myself on Aurora very frequently (that and your science is the best) But this mistake on my end paired with my history? Not good man... I don't know what promises to make to ensure this doesn't happen again besides not touching RnD, which I ironically haven't touched in 3 years besides today. that and I've never played the geneticist.

I'm not complaining, but datberry if you allowed me to talk a little more and would have listened to it being an accident, than perhaps I wouldn't be making another appeal. I'm really trying to NOT fuck up. Wouldn't you think a fresh player who fucks up might have done it on purpose, while somebody with an account from 2014 might be apologizing and damn near begging to not get a ban for an accident? I'm just saying, I had ZERO intent of hurting anybody and hurt myself by accident. I feel insanely unlucky and I'm very upset about this which is why I'm making an appeal now. >:(

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I will lift this ban due to the chance of it being a genuine mistake, but you have been here older than I have, and you're still making mistakes like this, even as a mistake you managed to delay the round end, and I don't understand why you would have pulled out the weapon if you were so worried they will catch you with it, which leads me to believe it wasn't just a mistake, and you were testing whether a stun weapon could actually kill you, or maybe you wanted to suicide due to negative interactions previously in the round.

Whichever the case is, You've had already told me everything at the time, we were on delayed round end time so I had to make a quick decision, most of the staff at the time agreed to a perma. You are on very thin ice after this, if we don't seen any improvement this ban will be reapplied, with a very slim chance if any of it being appealed.

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